Choosing the Best Products for a Man's Skin


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It seems like hundreds of skincare and grooming products are available to men these days and more are being added all the time. But how many of them include high-performance ingredients? How many of them provide effective results? And which ones are really necessary to maintain great-looking skin with a minimum amount of effort?

How to classify your skin type:

The first step to finding the right products for you is deciding what type of skin type you have. Most products target several individual skin types: oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, acne-prone skin and combination skin.

Oily skin: Feels slightly greasy or slick to the touch, with larger pores. It is usually more prone to blackheads and whiteheads. Look for products that are ultralight and oil-free, and exfoliating items that will remove oil and dirt.

Dry skin: Often feels tight and itchy and is more prone to irritations. Look for products that contain hydrating ingredients like Aloe, Urea and Allantoin, and pay special attention to moisturizers. Keep in mind that moisture is not the same thing as oil, so you don’t need heavy, oily products to achieve good levels of hydration for your skin.

Sensitive skin: Easily irritated by skincare or shaving products or extreme weather conditions. Look for products that do not contain dyes, fragrances or irritants and are specially formulated for sensitive skin.

Normal skin: If haven’t had any reoccurring skin problems such as shininess, acne or irritated skin, you probably have normal skin. Unless a product states otherwise, most skincare items can be used by men with normal skin.

Combination skin: Most men fall into this category, having dry patches and oily patches on their face at the same time (oily patches often fall in the “T-Zone”: your forehead and down your nose to your chin). Look for products that gently clean skin without harsh abrasives and moisturizers that are ultralight.

Acne-prone skin: Can partner with oily skin, but is also a factor with people with dry skin. This type tends to break out frequently with pimples, blackheads or whiteheads. Look for products that are noncomedgenic (not pore-clogging) and contain ingredients like benzoyl peroxide.

How to identify effective skincare products for men:

Once you’ve zeroed in on what type of skin you have, concentrate on finding products that appeal to that type, or products recommended for all skin types. Easier said then done, right? There’s still a sea of products out there. How can you decide which you need and which ones are nothing more than fancy packaging?

A good idea is to start with a very basic skin care routine that involves four steps: Cleaning, Exfoliating, Shaving, and Moisturizing. That means you should look for a gentle liquid cleanser for your face, an exfoliating scrub, a shaving product, an aftershave product and an oil-free moisturizer. If you start with these basic items, you can’t really go wrong.

How to buy men’s skincare products:

Now that you’ve further narrowed down what types of products you should be using, here’s some tips for when you decide to purchase:

  • Although it’s often a difficult task, don’t be fooled by fancy packaging or high prices; concentrate on products that contain natural ingredients and don’t contain dyes or irritants.

  • Items can get pricey, but the most expensive product is not always the best one. Likewise, don’t sell yourself short with products offered at bottom prices.

  • Always read labels to find out how a product should be used, how much should be used and how frequently.

    Once you’ve chosen your basic products, consider including items that target other specific problems as well. For example, every guy should own a reliable, broad-spectrum protection sunscreen. If you are interested in products targeted towards reducing wrinkles and diminishing lines on the face and around eyes, look for specific items that do just that.

    Most importantly, don’t be afraid to try new products or alter your skincare routine. After all, you are the best judge of what makes your skin feel good and look great. Keep in mind that most products need at the very least a week to begin working, so don’t be too quick to switch products if you’re not getting results right away.

    Deidra Garcia is a freelance writer and communications manager for MenScience Androceuticals, a men's skincare and grooming company. You can find more articles by Deidra, as well as further tips and advice, at

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