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Many companies and “health organizations” will try to sell you some kind of product that promises complete and immediate relief from eczema. The truth is, however, that they somehow purchased at low cost, some Chinese herbal crème or magic Chinese pills. Sometimes their “marvelous” products work, but in most case this is not the case. They explain that you’ll have to continue the therapy with their product for some months and in the meantime, you waste your emotions, money, time, and your chances of getting cured get smaller… Why do they fail?

They fail because in most cases they have vague or no idea about medicine, pharmacology, dermatology. They are just (re)sellers…

What should you really know about eczema? Eczema is one of the most common skin diseases, affecting people of all ages , males and females. The terms eczema and dermatitis are often used by doctors to describe the same symptoms; irritated, red and itchy inflamed skin.

It is awful; definitely awful to live in such conditions and immediate relief from eczema is vitally needed.

Normally, skin protects the body from water wastes and stops toxins and chemicals to invade the body under the skin. If a person has eczema, these functions are not working properly. You get dry, irritated skin, which is also cracked and scaly which let’s bacteria, viruses, toxins, allergens, etc. to penetrate under the skin. This will make the situation worse and worse and eventually, will make the immediate relief from eczema more difficult.

Different types of eczema

There are many types of eczema, milder and more severe, too. Atopic eczema is the body's hypersensitivity to allergens, causing the skin to become red, inflamed and very itchy. It occurs in people who have a natural tendency to develop allergies such as asthma and food allergy. This tendency can be inherited. The condition is very bad and mostly affects the inside of the elbows and knees, and the wrists and ankles. It occurs more often in children, although adults can experience it, too.

Contact dermatitis is caused when the skin contacts with something that it is allergic or sensitive to.

Eczema symptoms are very diverse. There are different subtypes of this type of eczema:

Mild dry eczema which is the mildest one, the easiest to be cured and because of this, people don’t try in this cases to benefit from something, offering an immediate relief of eczema.

Acute eczema which occurs when there is massive penetration of bacteria and/or allergens.

Chronic eczema, which occurs when nothing has been done about mild and acute eczema.

So, the best thing to do is to visit a dermatologist who can help you to receive immediate relief from eczema.

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