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Teens are not the only one who are experiencing acute acne problems but also adults. The face is one of the most distinctive features of a person so it can be a most agonizing experience looking at your face riddled with this problem.

Remember that finding the causes of acne outbreaks are helpful in controlling and treating it. A person must have an understanding on why and how acne develops. Acne are developed when the sebaceous glands are blocked preventing its secretions. These glands are found in the skin's hair follicles that normally functions as skin lubricants. If these are being clogged, there is an immediate tendency of developing pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, or even cysts.


Comedone is a bump produced because of a clogged sebum. It is called whiteheads if it stays closed. When it opens up, the area that are exposed to the air becomes black, the blackened spots are called blackheads also known as melanin or keratin plug.

Other factors also include over stimulation of oil produced by hormones, genetic inheritance, irritating make-ups, medicines for treating epilepsy, steroids, high humidity and medications on birth control.

The easiest way of controlling acne is cleaning the face several times using mild cleansers and warm facial cloth so that irritating oil and keratin plugs are removed. Keeping your skin clean however will not prevent acne but it will only prevent acne from worsening.

Medications that have benzoyl peroxide contents could be applied to treat and control acne problems. The skin will lightly peel preventing blockage of sebaceous glands. Tretinoin works similar to benzoyl peroxide but it should be used with prescriptions.

Seek the advice of a dermatologist when irritation occurs when using any of these products. Make sure that you carefully read the direction on its labels regarding acne controls and treatment.

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