Acne Treatment for Teenagers: Being Young and Worry-Free


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Ah the joys of being a teenager. These are the times when we feel that world evolves around us. We struggle for our independence and own identity. We have our dreams starting to unfold, we start to feel love and attraction with the opposite sex, our bodies are at the edge of its peak, we look great, have strong energetic bodies and, oh my god, acne!

Most of us have passed through this tumultuous phase where in we get very self-conscious about the way we look. But aside from the physical marring, there are some teenagers who have experienced psychological scarring brought until adulthood because of severe teenage acne. This could result to being very shy and staying away from social events.

Teenagers riddled with acne feels that they are ugly and look at themselves as being “dirty". It does not help either that there are some “bullies" at school that would taunt them and make fun of their situation.

As a parent, you should be their first line of defense. Be their guide to acne treatment for a teenager to help alleviate the symptoms of acne.

Get them to exercise, this could help detoxify the body, just make sure that they wash their face after the work out to remove the sweat from their face.

Have them drink lots of water. This flushes out the toxins and reduces the chance of acne growth.

Avoid rubbing and touching the face as the hands are known to carry many bacteria.

Be careful with the different types of OTC medications that your teenage kid uses. Some kids may have allergic reactions with them and may just worsen the situation.

As much as possible, take your kid to a dermatologist to properly diagnose the proper acne treatment for your teenager.

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