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How Depression Affect Our Lives: Why Women Are More Vulnerable To Depression


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Researchers claim that women are four times more vulnerable to depression than men. I am not implying in any way that women are weaker than men. It's that their biology is so much different from men's. They can be so sensitive and more susceptible to depression, anxiety attacks and stress. Let's point out some of the differences between men and women and how both respond to depression and the symptoms of depression.

Differences Between Men and Women:

* Different levels of hormones like serotonin, estrogen etc. Women's hormone levels are fluctuating, thus women are by nature more stressful and physically sensitive than men, that's why they are more likely to suffer from depressive symptoms. Hormones are really important for women. For example estrogen is responsible for more than 250 functions in a woman's body.

* Women are more vulnerable against special types of depressive states. These are types of depression unique to women. Women become more vulnerable to these depression threats during pregnancy periods or during menopause. Men on the other hand suffer from standard depression forms.

* Women may develop different depression symptoms like anxiety/panic attacks or eating disorders while men develop symptoms like alcohol or drug abuse. So say the analysts.

* There are women who have suffered from severe *** traumas like a rape or other abuse. These traumas may cause depression at any point during a woman's life. It's these special situations that cause unique female types of depression to appear.

* A woman's menstrual cycle is a really important factor that makes women more vulnerable to stress and depression. During menstrual cycles virtually anything could impact a woman's mood and trigger depressive episodes.

Conclusion: Women should be respected for the struggle they have to suffer in order to survive against depression. There are special female types of depression and women are often being blamed on ". .being moody. . " etc. and go untreated. It's time to open our minds and go beyond that.

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