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If you experienced serious side effects because you used the drug called Bextra, you can search for an attorney, to help you get compensations from Bextra’s producer. There are a lot of qualified Bextra attorneys, and they are ready to help you, so that you can make a legal claim for damages.

There were made studies, and it was discovered that among the patients who used Bextra, the number of heart attacks or strokes was 2.19 times greater than among patients that used placebo. It was found that Bextra’s risks are even higher than the risks developed by Vioxx, another drug belonging to the same class of COX-2 inhibitor drugs. However, it was known from previous studies that the COX-2 inhibitor drugs can create heart troubles. This category of drugs was developed to cure pain without causing ulcers.

Although studies revealed that Bextra has serious side effects, and can provoke the apparition of heart attacks and strokes, Bextra’s manufacturer, Pfizer replyied that these accusations are unsubstantiated and must not be taken into serious. It also said that especially because they haven’t been published in a medical journal, the studies that were made should be categorized as irrelevant and unsubstantiated.

In 2004, because it was proven that Vioxx can cause the apparition of serious cardiovascular events, this COX-2 inhibitor was recalled from the market. Just a few weeks after this event, Pfizer, the producer of Bextra announced that two clinical trials showed heart bypass surgery taking Bextra developed a higher risk of stroke and heart attack.

A regular use of Bextra can lead to the apparition of a heart attack, or cardiovascular problems like angina, congestive heart failure, stroke or high blood pressure. If that happens, you should contact an experienced and qualified lawyer, preferably one that had similar cases before. You must know that you can receive compensations from Bextra’s manufacturer, but for this, you need immediate legal assistance, provided by a good lawyer. Also, it is good to know that there might be time limits within you must file your lawsuit. If the time limit expires, it is possible that your claim for damages will not be taken in consideration.

Usually, before starting a treatment using Bextra or other COX-2 inhibitor drugs, the doctor should discuss with the patient, tell him about the side effects, and together they should analyze if the benefits this drug brings worth the exposure to the risks. The doctor should take in consideration patient’s opinion too. Another thing that the patient should do is to be very vigilant, and to tell the doctor right away if he experiences any symptom. The doctor will know then what should be done, and it is possible that he will change the medication.

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