The Use of Herbs In A Variety Of Functions


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In a world with an ever critical eye towards all that is natural, organic, whole, and healthy, it is no wonder that the use of herbs continues to gain interest. Herbs – in their natural form – are used for everything from cooking and skin care, to health supplements and medicinal purposes. Deciphering the extensive varieties of herbs available to us, however, can be an overwhelming and confusing process. These enormously practical plants are ancient in their existence and limitless in their uses.

Herbs used for culinary purposes are included to add flavor to a variety of dishes. Often, a specific culture is identified by the herbs they use in their cooking. For example, while arugula and fennel are used often in Greek food, you will more often find cumin and ginger the stars in Thai cooking. Herbs are used the world over to naturally enhance an array of dishes. Even fresh mint – in use in tea and in a variety of other forms – has become a staple of our herbal repertoire.

For those in search of natural ways to increase vigor and health, medicinal herbs have been shown to accomplish everything from sustaining and enhancing health to treating particular medical conditions. Blackberry root has shown success in treating diarrhea, sore throat, and cough. Dandelion, an extraordinary nutritious herb, has a history of success in treating everything from eczema to jaundice. Ginseng, an herb enjoying an increased popularity as of late, increases metabolism and has even been known as an aphrodisiac. Native American tribes can be largely credited with the initial uses of many herbs in a medicinal nature.

An added benefit in the use of herbs – in any capacity – is the convenience and affordability associated with purchasing them. Herbs can be found as near as your local grocery store, farmers market, or health food store. Or, for the green thumbs among us, herbs can be easily grown right in your own backyard. An herbal garden can be both visually appealing and health stimulating. There’s nothing more convenient than having a range of herbs right at your fingertips.

Regardless of the way in which you choose to use herbs, you won’t be disappointed. Take the time to learn about all the ways in which herbs can enhance your food, your health, and your appearance and you’ll soon be well on your way to a more natural lifestyle.

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