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Pubic Hair Shaving - Doing It Right


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There are many different ways to remove your pubic hair. Some methods of pubic hair removal are discussed in this article. One of the more common methods is to shave the pubic area to reduce or remove the pubic hair completely. Pubic hair shaving is a cheap effective but fairly temporary way to tidy up that pubic area.

Before you rush off and start shaving away at your pubic area, there are a few things that you may want to know first.

Decide What Pubic Style You Want

This may sound quite an obvious thing to say but you need to get it clear in your mind what style you want. It’s so easy to start trimming away and then realize that you have gone too far and removed more hair than you had anticipated. To avoid any embarrassing mishaps, decide first before you reach for the shaver. Also, what style you choose will dictate what equipment you will need. You may need electric clippers, a razor, maybe a shaver. There are a few ideas about style to follow.

Trimming Your Pubic Hair

If you are feeling a bit wary about the whole subject of pubic hair shaving, you may want to just give yourself a little trim to start or you may just want a tidy up for that trip to the beach or swimming pool maybe. If you are a man and a bit unsure about how much hair to remove, a quick trim can drastically improve the appearance of your pubic hair.

For this job you will be better off using a comb and scissors or some type of electric hair clippers. Electric hair clippers will make the job that much easier. Ideally, the pubic hair you are about to trim should be freshly washed and dried. This has the advantage of fluffing the hair up so you can see how much to take off.

To use electric clippers, set the guard to the final length you desire. Turn the clippers on and just pass them through the hair in a downward direction. You should be protected from going too short by the guard. Try to remember that pubic hair can be quite curly and will spring back to a shorter length. Better to take things slowly, checking length after each pass of the clippers. If you are happy with the result or would like to go shorter, you can set a lower guard. Keep checking in the mirror to gauge the results.

The Brazilian Style

The Brazilian style of pubic hair shaving or removal basically means shaving all the hair off until your pubic region is completely bare. Many people find the experience very liberating especially the first time they do it. There are other practical reasons too. Many people report heightened sensitivity when involved in *** interactions. Also this style comes in very handy when you want to wear some of the more skimpy bikinis to the beach.

There are several ways to achieve the Brazilian style. The most obvious way is to shave the area. This has advantages and disadvantages. One of the main advantages is that it is very cheap, painless (if you are careful) and can be done at home on your own. The main disadvantage is that it requires regular maintenance to avoid stubble. Also continual shaving can lead to soreness.

Using a Razor to Get a Brazilian

Before using a razor to remove all of your pubic hair, you will need to reduce the length quite significantly. This is because razors will not cut long hair very well and usually results in a clogged up razor. Whilst the hair is dry, trim it back with a pair of scissors until the hair is uniformly about 1cm long. It is now advisable to take a shower to clean the area and soften the hair ready for the razor. When you have showered, massage a good quality shaving gel into the area to be shaved. You can get specially formulated razors just for this job. Take the razor (a brand new blade is advisable!) and carefully shave the hair in the direction that it grows. Take extra care around your more sensitive bits and take care not to press on too hard or make any sudden movements. Steady individual strokes are needed to achieve that prefect Brazilian.

When you have finished, apply a talc free powder to soothe the area.

The other method is to wax the area. Although this can be quite a painful process, the results will last much longer. Brazilian waxing is usually done by a Salon. There are home kits but if you are going to commit to this painful process you may as well get it done professionally first time! You can find out more about waxing here.

Fun Pubic Styles

If you are committed to shaving your pubic hair, why not go for something a bit different. You can ‘sculpt’ your pubic hair into a variety of different shapes and designs. This will provide a fun surprise for a lover, or make quite a talking point amongst you friends. Some common designs are the ‘landing strip’. This is essentially a narrow strip extending from the lower pubic bone to the top on the genitals. The width and length are entirely up to you. Another popular design is the Triangle or for your loved one, why not try a heart shape. For the really adventurous, you could use hair dye to add that extra dimension.

To achieve these designs may take a bit of skill. If you know somebody who will help you, all the better. Every artist needs a good canvas so start off by trimming the area to give you a uniform length of about 0.5cm. After soaking the hair in a shower or bath you can apply some shaving creamgellotion etc.

You now have two options. You can either use a small head on a set of electric shavers, or you can use a razor to shave the design. If you opt for the razor, take care not to cut yourself when shaving certain angles, corners etc of your design. When completed use a talc free powder to soothe the area.

Note: Avoid using depilatories in this sensitive area. The chemicals in these products can often leave you with soreness or worse a rash. Probably best avoided when dealing with the pubic region.

Andrea Strachan has been in the beauty business for 25 Years. For more advice, articles and information visit Permanent Hair Removal Tips .


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