Ab Exercises for a 6-Pack - Three Simple Steps to Six Pack Success!


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While ab exercises for a 6-pack may seem to begin and end with crunches and sit ups there actually are a few other options to achieve your goal. Whether you are already in good shape or not it is important to remember to do ab exercises for a 6-pack in a consistent pattern to achieve the desired effect. Here are three simple steps to doing ab exercises for a 6-pack that will work for you and almost anybody!

1. Regardless of which ab exercises you are doing for a 6-pack it is important to remember to rotate them and do them at least three times per week. If you do more than three times you are obviously highly motivated, but don't overdo it, just do five times per week at the most. Each session during the week should be right at or just above 20 minutes, giving you roughly one hour each week of time dedicated solely to your abs.

2. During each of these three or more sessions per week make sure that you are doing no less than 15 and no more than 20 repetitions per set. In other words, you should do ab exercises for a 6-pack for 20 minutes and fit as many sets of 15 to 20 repetitions as you can during that time. Don't rush in between sets and risk pulling a muscle. Start out slow with your workouts and over time work your way up to a torrid pace.

3. Even though it has been mentioned in each of the preceding two points, remember that you should NOT overdo your ab exercises for a 6-pack regardless of your energy. Your ab muscles can cause severe discomfort if you don't use them correctly so don't burn them out in a hurry and find yourself in a transportation pickle. Use this process to get healthy, not get further injured or sick.

It is important to remember without ab exercises for a 6-pack that you can overdo it very easily if you get too into your workouts. This may sound redundant, but it is very important. If you insist on working out more just jump on the treadmill, it will do you good without the bad!

Track your progress and your habits effectively and never let yourself settle into a rhythm with only one ab exercise. Ab exercises for a 6-pack will not be easy to do everyday, but they will pay off and you will not regret doing them!

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