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There are times when you have so much that you have to do and so little time to do it, that eating a healthy meal is the last concern on your mind. Nowadays this happens very often and not to mention that temptation of eating junk food is everywhere.

It became something natural for you to have little snacks between meals or just eat fast foods instead of regular ones. Snaking between meals would not be such a great issue, if you would only eat healthy food or al least try. A growing concern about snaking is that most of us eat a lot of food that is very fat or full of carbohydrates. What this does is increase the risk of heart problems, diabetes and most frequently increased cholesterol levels.

However, there is a good news for all you snackers out there. Some companies that manufacture food have thought of these problems and started to produce low fat food that are almost identical to the “real" food.

A very important thing to remember when going to buy food is that vegetables and fruits are very good for your health. They are full in vitamins, low on fat and calories, and also contain antioxidants that are good in preventing cellular damage. Also be careful to reduce the amount of meat or fried foods that you eat. They contain saturated fats that can rise your cholesterol levels. But not all meat is full of fat. You should eat chicken, turkey or fish.

Another important thing that you should watch out for is how you prepare your meals. Frying your food is very unhealthy. We recommend that you grill, microwave or boil instead. If you are a fan of sauces or dressings for your salad, you should at least buy the low fat alternative. A great trick as well is to place the dressing next to the salad instead of pouring it. This way you will eat less.

You are a dairy fan? No problem, you can still eat dairy, but with one condition: that you choose the low fat dairies. They almost taste the same as the normal dairies, but they are more healthy.

Another great tip for you: try to avoid cookies, chips, candies, because one of the ingredients is margarine, or they have been fried in oil, which is known to raise your cholesterol.

So to make this a lot more simpler, just remember: fruits, vegetables and foods that are low in fat or have no fat at all are healthier.

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