4 Effective Ways To Quit Smoking


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“I want to quit smoking, but I don’t know how!” most of you would say. The habit that has been with you for several years is so hard to leave behind. You have to begin a real fight in order to quit, you have to commit to it and work hard to achieve this goal. I will present some effective ways to quit smoking in this article that, I believe, will help you to get rid of this killing habit.

There are several ways and approaches you can use to deal with this problem. The one thing you have to remember is that you can quit. Some people try different ways to quit smoking until they finally find out what works for them. You too can follow their experience. Try one of the methods below. If it doesn’t work try another, combine them, mix and match until you get the desired result.

1. People who smoke a lot (more than one pack per day) have more physical addiction to the cigarettes. Their body suffers if it doesn’t get nicotine. So it is better for them to gradually decrease the amount of the cigarettes per day. They can also try to change the brand of the cigarettes with lower saturation of the nicotine.

2. The second treat for the heavy smokers are various “Stop smoking aids” and stress relief drugs. “Stop smoking aids” are mostly nicotine replacement products like gums, patches, lozenges, nasal sprays and inhalers. You can use them instead of smoking every time you have an urge to smoke. You should consult your therapist first. Researches have shown that people who use nicotine “aids” quit easier with greater success rate, than those without the “aids”. Use also some natural sedatives to reduce the stress and deal with the withdrawal symptoms.

3. Smoking is also a psychological habit, which is even harder to deal with if compared to physical. You have developed a psychological habit to smoke in the specific situations like after meals, at the parties, after the stress, after you wake up. Try to consciously catch this habitual desire to smoke and do not let it happen. Try to escape stressful situations during the start period. Don’t let your habits lead you.

4. One of the most effective ways to quit smoking is to get involved into support groups or just to find a friend who wants to quit too. Such support helps a lot. If you feel that you are not alone with your problem it becomes easier to deal with it.

So now make a strong conscious decision to quit! Remember that you can do it and you also know how to do it. You have the possibility for the radical change in your life for the best. More energy, more desire to live and discover, more joy is what is waiting for you without smoking.

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