How Can B Vitamins Improve Memory?


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Vitamins in general are known for their benefic effect. They prevent people from falling ill by improving the immune system or by protecting certain organs. Out of all the vitamins, the ones from the B complex seem to have the strongest effect in the memory improvement process. Especially folate, and vitamins B12 and B6 proved to be the most efficient. These vitamins do not enhance only the memory, but they also help people to improve other mental processes, such as the verbal ability. The best results can be observed on women who are 20 to 92 years old.

While B vitamins improve memory, they do not seem to make any changes in the mood of the persons. Many studies that have been conducted by scientists revealed that cognitive functions improve in time, if a treatment based on folate, vitamin B12 and B6 is followed. People who take these vitamins seem to process information at greater speeds.

Complex B vitamins improve memory by reducing the stress and by protecting the nerves. It is a known fact that the deficit of vitamin B6 is usually correlated to nerve damage. When supplementing with vitamin B6, people can also reduce the depression, which is the main cause of memory loss. This vitamin regulates the GABA and serotonin neurotransmitters, which are tightly related to the levels of stress, depression and anxiety. It can also prevent some heart diseases that lead to stroke.

Another proof that the B vitamins improve memory is the effect of cobalamin. This vitamin, also known as B12 may cause anemia or nervous system problems, when in deficit. Although it is not able to cure dementia, it seems to improve significantly the condition of the patients. As it is known, memory loss, as well as other memory disorders, is associated to dementia. B vitamins improve memory by stopping dementia from developing.

A deficit of folate, which is also known as vitamin B9 or folic acid, may provoke anemia and changes in the mood that determine memory loss. It is also widely used by the pregnant women that want to prevent any possible neural disorders of the fetus.

As the B vitamins improve memory, it is good to know what foods contain them. In order to enhance the mental processes, people must include in their diets vegetables, whole grain cereals, liver, kidneys and dairy products. These foods also contain many other nutrients that help people to preserve their memory.

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b vitamins improve memory

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What Are Brain Vitamins and How Do They Increase Memory Retention?
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