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Understanding The Importance Of Weight Training


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Most people you will need to add exercise into their weight loss plans if they have any desire to succeed. It is really hard for some folks to lose any significant amount of weight if they do not exercise and it is really important to add the right kind of exercise if you want to see the best results. The importance of weight training in this process is often not understood.

It seems like everyone starts out doing cardio type exercises. These are fantastic for getting your heart beating and burning lots of calories. However you will need to build your muscles mass up if you would like to keep those calories coming off even after you stop your exercise routine for the day. This is one reason working out with weights will put your weight loss goals into overdrive.

One pound of muscle mass added to your body can burn up to 50 extra calories each and every day. This keeps on working even when you are sitting at your desk. Can you picture the possibilities if you took off five pounds of fat and replaced this with pure muscle?

When you are on a diet you will lose muscle mass along with any fat you lose. This may cause your metabolism to slow down somewhat and you may find the pounds not coming off as fast as you would like. However by building your muscle mass up you are more likely to keep burning the calories faster. This may help you lose weight down the road.

Doing cardio exercises like running, riding a bike or taking a swim can burn a lot of calories in a short period of time, but this will slow down after you are through with your routine. This type of exercise may build your muscle mass somewhat but doing something like lifting weights will increase the mass building more quickly.

Lifting weights will burn away the fat during your workout and will continue to do so after you have stopped exercising for the day. As you build up your endurance and can lift heavier weights you will burn more calories. The stronger you become the quicker those fat reserves will go away.

You need to be careful to start slowly and not move too fast when you start lifting weights. Lifting too much weight too fast can do more harm then good. It would be wise to seek someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in weight lifting to help you out when you first start.

Weight training should not replace your cardio program. If you want the best results try mixing the two together. This should give you the positive benefits of both types of exercise. Once you understand the importance of weight training your weight loss goals should come faster.

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