The Best Ways to Improve Memory


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Numbers, as well as other abstract notions, may be hard to remember. Most of the people find this difficult. One of the ways to improve memory in such a situation is to create connections between a certain abstract notion and something that can be recalled with ease. This technique is known as a mnemonic and is frequently used by people who experience memory problems. However, mnemonics represent a great variety of devices and techniques that help in the memory improvement process. Actually, mnemonics may be some of the best ways to improve memory.

Creating lists and keeping the information in order will improve the short-term memory, in the beginning. It is known that people cannot memorize more than 7 notions at once. This is why they are recommended to make lists when they go shopping and to keep their information organized, in general. Some other ways to improve memory refer to memorizing the order of the elements in a list. This will help people to remember faster which element follows after a certain one. In fact, this is also a mnemonic that refers to creating connections between the items. In addition, people can add in mind an image to each of the elements from the list.

One of the best ways to improve memory, and especially the short-term memory is to repeat the information right after the first contact. For example, it is easier to remember people’s name if you look at their faces when you are introduced. Repeating the person’s name when greeting helps people to memorize such information faster.

Playing games that are based on mental processes are also efficient ways to improve memory. The short-term memory can also be tested this way. For instance, you can watch a group of items for a few seconds and then take them away. Such a test shows how many items can people recall. Observing the order of the cards in a deck is one of the memorization methods, although it may seem meaningless, in the beginning.

The memory enhancing supplements that are available nowadays may also be regarded as ways to improve memory. The supplements are usually based on herbs that ease the blood flow to the brain. In addition, they may prevent stroke, which is also a cause of memory loss, by improving the overall circulation of the blood. The supplements are typically based on herbs such as ginkgo biloba, rosemary, green tea and ginseng. All these herbs also contain antioxidants, which boost the immune system and help the metabolism.

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Memory Games That Can Improve Your Memory
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