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Yeast Infection Cures - Safe - Easy and Effective Cures to Rid You of Your Yeast Infection Forever!


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A yeast infection cure is simple and easy in most cases. Only a few really stubborn cases require the intervention of strong prescription medication to cure the infection caused by the yeast bacteria, Candida.

A yeast infection, in reality, is when the normal flora present in the vagina becomes unbalanced, allowing yeast to multiply to rapidly.

Of course, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and in the case of yeast infections, this is especially true. If you have to take antibiotics for an illness, you can often prevent getting a yeast infection as a result by eating yogurt with active cultures or drinking buttermilk every day during the period of medical treatment, ensuring the ‘good’ bacteria flourish and yeast bacteria do not overgrow.

Avoid wearing tight, damp or wet clothing for an extended period of time because the moist, wet environment provides yeast the perfect place to overgrow.

The most common yeast infection cure used today is readily available in the form of non-prescription medication which is contained in a suppository meant to be inserted into the vagina and left overnight.

This treatment must occur several days consecutively in order to effectively stop the overabundance of yeast. These treatments can be very effective when used as directed and are quite convenient to use.

Natural yeast infection cures include oral intake of lactobacillus acidophilus available from health food stores, vinegar douches, and use of yogurt-soaked tampons.

The idea behind each of these natural cures for yeast infections is that they create a pH balance in the body which encourages the right balance of naturally present bacteria rather than the over abundance of yeast.

In stubborn cases that refuse to respond to any of the normal cures, prescription medications, taken orally, can be used to help the body return to health.

People who have diabetes, immune system disorders, or simply a very persistent yeast infection turn to these cures on the direction of their doctor or health care provider.

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