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Anybody that has been through the process of losing his or her hair knows how disheartening it can be. Losing your hair, for whatever reason, can ultimately result in a severe dent in your self-confidence. In the past, it has seemed impossible to regain that self-confidence after it has disappeared with your natural hair. However, as a direct result of the increasing popularity of hair restoration and transplant treatments, more people are choosing to take their self-confidence back. When an individual does choose treatment, however, they should be prepared and investigate hair restoration growth time as well as exactly what the procedure involves.

The nature of the process of hair restoration does not yield immediate results, which is a fact that few people recognise. Expecting immediate results can further damage your self-confidence and so knowing what to anticipate is key. It is essential to investigate hair restoration growth times and success rates. Given the nature of the procedure, having patience for growth time is far more important than having patience for healing. The average hair restoration patient is only in hair transplant surgery for a few hours and, as it is not invasive, the scalp heals fully within a ten days but the hair can take months to grow. Hair restoration growth time is therefore the equivalent of having a plaster cast on a broken leg.

Hair restoration growth time will try your patience somewhat and make weeks seem like years. Initially, the transplants may be noticeable but a source of embarrassment to the individual who has undergone the procedure. The scalp will scab and highlight the treated area. However, once that is gone, it is unlikely that there will be any signs of hair restoration for a few weeks. It is this that requires patience. Once that initial stage begins to pass, your hair will begin to return along with your self-confidence.

Hair restoration growth time ranges from three months to a year, depending on what an individual considers constitutes a successful procedure. Hair restoration growth time is three to five months for new hair to grow from the transplanted follicles but over a year for the new hair to cover the scalp. However, the new hair follicles may initially shed the hair that had previously been attached to them before the transplant. Although this is completely natural, it is likely to cause a loss of patience with the treatment or, in the worst-case scenario, sheer panic. Persevering and accepting these feelings as normal comes as part of the package so be prepared for them.

Hair restoration growth time is acknowledged as the hardest part of the procedure on a patient’s mental health. After all, very few procedures actually last in excess of a year. Hair restoration growth time is only a problem for your self-confidence as long as you let it be. Patience will infinitely aid the recovery process so preparing for the worst is definitely for the best.

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