How To Lose Man Breasts - What You Can Expect With Gynecomastia Surgery


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One of the options in solving the question of how to get rid of man breasts is through surgery. Although this should always be your last option, it is one that may be your best solution. Let's take a look at what gynecomastia surgery will entail and what you can expect from it.

As a gynecomastia cure, surgery will involve removing the fatty tissues and/or the glandular tissues from the breast area. The outcome will of course be a masculine looking chest.

Gynecomastia Surgery

The actual procedure itself will generally be done on an outpatient basis, although it can entail an overnight stay in some cases.

You may be given either a local or general anesthesia before surgery and the procedure will last approximately 60-90 minutes.


As with any surgery there is always the chance for complications or other problems, although with getting rid of male breasts there is usually not that many. Your doctor will explain these in great detail and go over everything that is involved.

The typical recovery time from this type of surgery is 4-5 days. After that you should be able to go back to work as long as it doesn't require lifting heavy objects. It can take 3 weeks before resuming physical activity or lifting.

As for long term effects, there will of course be some scaring from the surgery, although this should be minor. Other than that you should be fine.


The last issue in utilizing surgery to get rid of man breasts is the cost. You can most likely expect it to run anywhere from $3,000 up to $10,000. You may find that your health insurance policy will not cover this procedure since it is elective. If your doctor has said that this is medically necessary then insurance may pick up the cost.

If you are trying to find out how to lose man breasts and have exhausted all other options, then having gynecomastia surgery may be your best choice. But, I would only recommend it if you have in fact tried other remedies.

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