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Many people in today's population suffer from heartburn on a occasional basis and are looking for heartburn information. This is one of the reasons that if you walk into a local store will find a lot of remedies for curing heartburn.

It is said that around 30% of the population suffers from heartburn. That is a large amount of people. If there were adequate heartburn information about causes and simple cures there could be less people suffering from the condition.

Heartburn-What is it?

Available heartburn information says it is the condition where the natural acid of the stomach which is necessary to digest our food moves up into the esophagus and even into the throat and nasal cavities for some people. This causes burning and pain.

The stomach has a protective lining which except with ulcers and other ailments prevents the acid from getting through. The esophagus does not have the same mucus layer as the stomach and is vulnerable to the caustic acid. This condition can become chronic in a condition called (GERD) which according to information on heartburn is called gastroesophagael reflux disease. This disease can have serious complication but is easily treated with medicines.

Heartburn-What does it feel like

When heartburn occurs you get the familiar burning at the back of your breast bone that for some can feel as severe as a heart attack. Heartburn informational literature says that other symptoms include chest pain, burping or inability to burp, sour stomach, shortness of breath, burning or tightness in the throat, bloating and extended abdomen area. The heartburn can last for a short term or over hours. Chronic heartburn occurs several times a week.

Heartburn-Who gets it

It has been shown in heartburn information that people who suffer with diabetes, obesity and peptic ulcers may be more inclined to get heartburn. Pregnant women are also shown to be more susceptible according to other heartburn informational data. The hormone progesterone is secreted more abundantly in pregnant woman and has been shown to increase heartburn. Of course the extra pressure of the baby on the stomach also adds to it.

Heartburn-How do you treat it?

According to recent heartburn information there are more medicines available for treatment than before. There are many prescription drugs including the popular purple pill called Nexium. Natural remedies that have been used for centuries include peppermint and ginger tea. Charcoal tablets and backing soda are also great natural cures as well. If you suffer from mild or severe chronic symptoms it is a good idea to look into all of the heartburn information that is available.

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