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Most people often view losing fat as being hard work and a rather boring process. Most if not all of that reasoning has to do with the uncertainty of whether one will succeed this time and/or with the uncertainty of what exactly to do. A lot of this has to do with the massive amounts of information that is being broadcast to us on a daily basis about how to lose unwanted body fat permanently and all the promises that are made regarding the “best program" for doing so.

The process of losing unwanted body fat is a very enjoyable one once you understand the process. In simple terms the process is, having the right information in the right order, applied properly is what yields your desired results. What it boils down to is you having control over how you want your body to look.

The first step is to create a very detailed vision of how you want to look. This is the most important part and the most fun too. When we were younger we always would daydream about things that we wanted and it was a lot of fun. When it comes to your body and how you want to look it is no exception. Once you visualize how you want your body to look and how you feel in your new body the entire fat burning process becomes so much fun.

Once you have determined your clear and concise vision of how you want to look, write down statements to back up your vision. For example, “I lost 30 lbs of unwanted fat and I feel and look great", “I am now 5 dress sizes smaller than before", are statements you can use to affirm your vision. When writing these, write down how you WANT to look, not what you think you will look like.

After you have your vision and your statements of affirmation written the next thing to do is to find pictures of the type of body you want to achieve. You can put these up on what is referred to as a “vision board". You can cut out pictures of a body you want to achieve and even put a head shot of yourself on the body you want to achieve. By creating a visual picture that you can physically look at, it reinforces in your mind the look you want to achieve.

Most people who attempt to lose unwanted fat and try and develop the body of their dreams fail because they do not visualize it first. If it was all about nutrition and exercise only everyone would have the perfect body. The proper information is out there but if that information is not applied properly it will never work and this is why people are failing and are more overweight and obese than ever before. It is an “inside game" (the mind) first and an outside game (nutrition and exercise) second.

Losing unwanted fat is a very fun process that yields lifelong results to both your body and personal life. Once you learn how to take control of your mind anything you want can be accomplished. Always remember, you MUST believe it first before you see it!

Chaney Weiner is a performance enhancement specialist and motivational coach. He has created a unique system of training that incorporates fitness training along with reprogramming the mind for success that helps both men and women change their bodies to look, feel, and perform better faster than ever before. To learn more visit and receive your free copy of “The 24 Best Motivational Fat Loss Tips"


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