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Now that I'm older the aging issue finally has begun to make sense. While laughing on one hand and crying on the other it dawns on me that turning the corner in the last lap so to speak isn't really all that bad. Having been healthy all these years was coincidental to me but I came to realize that I'm very fortunate and grateful for the guidance and help I received over these years. Keeping simple issues in a proper order was luckily for me a definite blessing. Having grown older in the aging process came quietly without a roar.

By chance, living with parents who insisted on a whole food diet provided us with the highest nutrient content available. Taking in vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids on a regular daily bases was part of the norm. Having been involved in sports activities helped provide the daily activity and movement that the body needs to stay healthy as well.

The various stresses and challenges in life were there as well, but handled fairly easy because of the overall positive environment that our physiological function was supported by. I eventually moved into the area's of nutrition as I became older and continued to learn more and more about those simple things my parents did that were unknowingly so beneficial for me. As I think about these alarming issues today,

# The Journal of the American Medical Association reported in 2002 that 80% of adults in the US take some type of medication in a given week.

# According to the National Institute for Health Management, Americans spent $175.2 billion on pharmaceutical drugs in 2001.

# Retail pharmacies filled 3 billion prescriptions in 2000.

# The United States spent $1.5 trillion on health care in 2002 and estimates predict that we will spend $3 trillion by 2011.

I can only have warm and loving thoughts towards my parents who are gone today. Taking in supplements to a reasonable extent, try eating healthy with some daily exercise and you will have have a very good chance of experiencing a healthy aging process as well.

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