Vitamin K for Healthy Bones


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Vitamin K is essential in healthy bone metabolism and is highly protective against loss of bone. Bone loss is a problem that millions of people face each year. Their bones become brittle, break easily, and oftentimes as people grow older then get shorter due to bone loss. This is not healthy. This is not normal. While it happens to many, it is not an acceptable condition and it is not something we should consider inevitable. If you give your body the right building blocks, it will become and stay healthy. You can avoid problems such as chronic disease, bone loss, and other illness.

Getting enough vitamin K is one way to aid your body in repair and appropriate growth. Vitamin K is necessary for blood to clot; however, supplements with vitamin K might increase the clotting tendency, so be careful how you use them. The great thing is that vitamin K tends to self-regulate. When blood vessels are intact, vitamin K inhibits clotting, but when blood vessels are broken, vitamin K promotes clotting. This is a highly desirable effect! So, as you can see, vitamin K is a great thing to have; there is really no downside to vitamin K and you can't really ever have too much.

There is not just one vitamin K; as a matter of fact there are several, and it is still not certain which is the most important. So, where do you find vitamin K? Well, it is present in green leafy vegetables, as well as in a few other places. So, it is important to get ample amounts of vitamin K as it has many uses. It can be used to treat any bleeding problem, such as heavy periods, bone loss, and has several other positive effects.

Most of us do not eat enough leafy greens to supply our body with the optimal and needed amounts of vitamin K for the best results. So, if like so many others you struggle to get enough leafy greens in your diet, it is important that you look to other sources to supply you with the vitamin K you need.

One great source for vitamin K is the Moringa oleifera plant. This plant is often referred to as the “Miracle Tree" because of its many healing and restorative properties. One of the best things about the Moringa oleifera plant is that it is rich in nutrients that help the body function properly, and help those who are sick, or anyone that needs a nutrient boost, which is everyone.

While getting these nutrients directly from the plant itself is a great idea, it is not available in all areas, and for many the same problem with consuming enough leafy greens continues. For many of us it is just not easy enough, or convenient to make a salad. However, with the Moringa oleifera plant there is a great option that is both easy and convenient. That option is Zija.

Zija is a health beverage that is made directly from the most nutrient rich portions of the Moringa oleifera plant. Zija is all natural, and does not have all those added preservatives found in many health beverages. It is made by taking the nutrient rich portions of the plant, drying them, grinding them up, and adding water to them, then putting them in an easy, and convenient can.

Very few of the healthy properties of the plant are lost in this process. Zija is formulated to retain the absorbability and bioavailablity you would get if you ate the plant directly. Thus, when you can't eat the plant itself, try the handy alternative Zija, which is not only a great source for vitamin K, but is also loaded with many other vitamins, minerals, and vital nutrients for health.

Eric Thorn, a successful businessman, highly recommends the Zija Moringa Beverage as a great source for vitamin K and many other vitamins, minerals, and vital nutrients for health. Visit to learn more.


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Vitamin supplements make up for a good Vitamin D source
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