How About Some Nice Goji Berries With That Beer?

Douglas Hanna

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We know that goji berries contain antioxidants, vitamins and some good minerals, so why not have some goji berries with that beer? It could maybe even help you life longer.

A Fort Collins, Colorado-based brewer, New Belgium Brewing can give you just that. It’s called Springboard Ale, and in addition to goji berries, it has schisandra, a Chines medicinal herb and wormwood, a spice that’s said to help with digestion.

But fear not, Spring also has your typical beer ingredients, including plenty of Mt. Hood hops.

What can you do if beer isn't your thing – even if it does include goji berries?? When it comes to life extension - a fancy way of saying you'd life to live longer - there is just a huge number of healthy drinks available today. In fact, there are so many from which to choose, it can be downright confusing. You can choose from from glacier water, flavored water, water with minerals, drinks with herbs, juices with minerals, green tea, tea with flavoring, water that can energize you, and so on and so on.

Eight glasses of water a day?

The idea behind many of the water drinks is that if you're a typical American, you're not drinking enough water. So, if the water is made more appealing – through flavoring – you'll drink more.

For example, if you're trying to drink eight glasses of water a day, like those commercials advise, you can be sure that flavoring will help as will extra minerals or vitamins.

The one thing to be careful of in choosing a healthy drink is calorie content. Some of these drinks contain as much as 250 to 375 calories. So, if you're tying o lose or control weight, these drinks may actually be counter-productive.

On the other hand, if weight isn't a problem, you can always enjoy nice “healthy” beer with your dinner, maybe one with goji berries.

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