The Dangers Of Second Hand Smoke To Children


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When I was young and growing up at home, I was exposed to not only my step father smoking non stop throughout the day but also to my grandfather who smoked continuously. Even when he would take me bowling on Sundays he'd be smoking on the alley. It seemed that I was surrounded by cigarette smoke all day except when I was in school. Nobody thought twice about it. Not even myself. And yet, my lungs were telling me something as I was always coughing while around those who smoked.

The worst incident of second hand smoke, when I began to think that smoking was not a good thing to be around, was when I was about 13 years old and working a bingo. The whole place was filled with smoke. After a very short time, my eyes began to water, my throat became filled with smoke and I could hardly see or breathe. This incident was 37 years ago. It was a completely different era where people really didn't know the dangers of second hand smoke. For that matter they didn't know the dangers of cigarette smoking period. Today is a different story.

The things we've learned about second hand smoke are enough to make you ill. For starters, it has been determined that second hand smoke is most dangerous to children. This might explain why I grew up with so many health problems that didn't clear up until I got out of the house and away from smokers. And then it took years of healthy eating and vitamin therapy.

For those who think that second hand smoke is not that dangerous, there are over 3,000 deaths reported each year in the United States alone from lung cancer that have been linked to second hand cigarette smoke. In addition to that statistic, it is estimated that second hand smoke causes between 23 and 70 thousand deaths each year because of heart disease.

And what about the actual damage done to children who are most susceptible? It has been determined that children who are exposed to second hand smoke are more prone to develop pneumonia, bronchitis and other diseases of the lungs. They also come down with more ear infections than children who are not exposed to second hand smoke. And the number of asthma cases in children exposed to second hand smoke is staggering.

With all the facts in, there is no question that second hand smoke is dangerous to everyone, especially children. Therefor, if you have children, please don't smoke around them. If you have guests over who smoke, please ask them not to smoke while at your home. When you go to a restaurant, ask to be seated in a no smoking area. In some states there are already laws to prevent people from smoking in public places.

Our children are our future. So please do what you can to make sure that they are safe. Plus, it wouldn't be such a bad idea to stop smoking for your own good. After all, you do want to be around when your children have their own families.

Steve Wagner overcame the effects of second hand smoke through diet, exercise and vitamin therapy. Why not come to his web site at and get your free report on how the drug companies are killing us as well as a 52 week series on natural treatments for a number of ailments.


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