What To Do For Yeast Infection And How To Avoid Getting Them


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Before you know what to do for yeast infection, you first have to understand its origin. A yeast infection occurs when the fungus Candida albicans overgrows in the vagina. While many women may have small amounts of the fungus, not all become symptomatic. If conditions change and more fungus grows, the bacteria can dissipate thus allowing for this condition to appear.

Bacteria inhibit the fungus which causes yeast infections. In fact, anything that can be used to kill the fungus would be helpful. If you are experiencing itching and irritation of the vagina, as well as swelling and redness of the vulva, you probably have a yeast infection. You may also notice a white discharge which is unusually thick. This, accompanied by pain or soreness during intercourse, as well as frequent urination which are also accompanies by pain and burning are clear signs of this condition.

To avoid yeast infections, wear cotton underpants which allow the area to breathe. Avoid feminine hygiene sprays or powders. If you develop symptoms of a yeast infection, contact your gynecologist who will determine what type of infection you actually have. He or she will then discuss what to do for the infection.

Ways to cure yeast infection may include antifungal drugs in the form of over the counter vaginal suppositories or creams. Once the medication is applied for about a week, the condition usually clears up. However, if it re-occurs, your doctor may want to check further to determine if you have excess sugar which can cause diabetes – a contributing factor in yeast infections – and may then prescribe an oral antifungal medication.

Prevention by utilizing good hygiene habits is essential. Washing the area around the vaginal opening daily with unscented soap and water provides the best hygiene available.

Do not use deodorant sprays, which are unnecessary and which contain chemicals that can irritate the vaginal lining. Moreover, it is important to note that the vagina cleanses itself by secreting a discharge which flow downward, removing bacteria, old cells, and menstrual blood when present. Normal vaginal discharge is minimal and is either clear or white and sticky.

Douching can, in fact, contribute to the problem rather than alleviate it. It washes away the protective mucous plug that covers the cervix to prevent organisms from entering the uterus. Moreover, it can spread a vaginal infection. It also washes away secretions that can help your doctor diagnose the infection properly. Further, by douching, you are actually prolonging the vagina’s natural cleansing method.

Before you decide what to do for yeast infection, visit your doctor to ascertain the type and severity of the infection. While home remedies may be fine in the short term, a reoccurrence of the condition can only lead to more problems in the future and make it difficult to cure yeast infection.

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