Cedarwood Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Can Act Like A Full-Body Tonic

Emma Sanford

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Plant Origin: Morocco, USA, Cedrus atlantica is the species most closely related to the bibical Cedars of Lebanon

Extraction Method: Steamed distilled from bark

A wonderful Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil for using on the skin is Cedarwood Oil. This powerful oil has been used for years in products and preparations to help clear up oily skin, and it is also thought to be helpful for eliminating acne and other skin problems.

Cedarwood is one of the oldest Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils in use. It was widely used in temple incense and for other purposes by the ancient Egyptians, who used the oil in the embalming process and to protect papyrus from insects.

Cedarwood oil has a strong, woodsy smell, which some people find is reminiscent of old-fashioned moth balls. If you find the scent unpleasant but still want to use this Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil, it is easy to blend it with nicer-smelling oils such as Lavender, Cinnamon, Orange or Ginger.

Beyond skin care, Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil of Cedarwood is an excellent choice for eliminating dandruff. It is also thought to stimulate lung function and promote healthy lungs and can be beneficial as a treatment for bronchitis and coughs when inhaled.

Therapeutic-Grade Essential Cedarwood Oil is also thought the be helpful for the nervous system, working as a calming agent that can help eliminate nervous tension as well as fear, anger and anxiety.

It is often used in a diffuser to help aid in meditation and is thought to help provide emotional strength and clarity, as well as giving the user a feeling of spiritual certainty.

Using Cedarwood Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil in a bath or massage oil preparation is said to be helpful for arthritis pain, and the oil also aid in circulation through the lymphatic system. It is also thought to be stimulating to the immune system, regulating to the endocrine system, and helpful as a tonic to the kidneys.

Cedarwood is one Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil that is truly versatile and can help with a whole body full of discomforts. It can be used internally, externally or for aromatic purposes.

When used internally, a drop of Cedarwood Oil should be diluted in four ounces of rice or soy milk before being consumed. It is also recommended that this therapeutic-grade essential oil be diluted when used externally, as it can cause skin sensitivity. Add it to a carrier oil, such as olive oil for best results.

RECOMMENDATIONS: As with all oils, be sure to wash and rinse your hands thoroughly before and after working with therapeutic-grade essential cedarwood oil, and be careful not to get it in your eyes. This powerful oil is a wonderful tonic for many parts of the body and is a good oil to keep on hand. Keep therapeutic-grade essential oils out of the reach of children.

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