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Find Colon Hydrotherapy Schools and Practitioners. What is Colon Hydrotherapy? Colon Hydrotherapy is a gentle and safe infusion of water into the colon through the rectum. Because no chemicals or drugs are used, the colon hydrotherapy is soothing and successful. Throughout colon hydrotherapy, the client lies on a customized table in total relaxation. A small disposable speculum is then gently introduced into the rectum where 25-30 gallons of warm, clean water enters into and out of the colon.

A colon hydrotherapy session is equivalent to 20-30 regular bowel movements. Throughout the colon hydrotherapy session, the hydrotherapist will make an evaluation as to whether more or less treatments are necessary. Because the systems are sealed, waste is discretely transferred into a drain line without offensive odor and is done in a dignified manner with respect to the person. Skilled colon hydrotherapists will use light massage techniques and numerous intakes and outputs of water to free toxic waste matter.

Colon Hydrotherapy was already used in 1500 B. Ebers Papyrus. Even Hippocrates documented the use of enemas for fevers. A healthy colon functions to conserve water in the body and to eliminate waste from the body as well. An average person may have 10-25 pounds of dried fecal matter in his/her colon. Someone who is overweight or an allergy sufferer may store even more. Different indications including constipation, diarrhea, frequent headaches, backaches, fatigue, and many other problematic symptoms may be a sign of an unhealthy colon.

When colon hydrotherapy is performed, the body is rejuvenated, toxic debris is removed and over time, the colon is returned to its natural shape and function ability. Colon Hydrotherapy also restores pH balance to the body, stimulates the immune system, allows free passage of nutrients into the blood, prevents toxic absorption into healthy mucosa and strengthens natural muscular contractions in the colon as well.

To learn more about colon hydrotherapy, feel free to browse our website for the latest on colon hydrotherapy schools, news and practitioners.

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Colon Hydrotherapy
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