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Get True Essence Of Plant - Distilling Essential Oils


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Essential oils are volatile and concentrated compound which is extracted from leaves, stem, flower, roots, wood, bark etc and various other parts of plants. Traditionally, it is extracted through steam distillation which makes use of heat and water. In present scenario, due to advancement in technology, oils are extracted through various other processes such as maceration cold pressing, solvent extraction etc. But still the most preferred and popular method of extraction is steam distillation. The reason behind such preference is that essential oils are the key ingredient in aromatherapy. And, aromatherapy only makes use of naturally extracted compounds.

Process of steam distillation:

The needed plant is placed in a motionless utensil which is alike pressure cooker. After that, the utensil is being heated in which steam passes throughout the plant. This pressurized steam results in molecules which burst out from the plant. Then these molecules are transformed in to vapors when passes through a cool pipe, and then again it turns into liquid. And, in this stage oil gets separated from the liquid and oil starts floating on the top of the water molecules.

It is definitely sure that by going through the process of steam distillation, it would seem like an easy process. But, practically when steam distillation process takes place, it also seems to be a complicated process. This is also the reason as to why essential oils are expensive than other edible and vegetable oils in the market.

The price of essential oil depends upon various factors; some of them are as follows:

  • Quality of oil
  • Plant, from which oil is being extracted
  • Country in which the plant is grown
  • Climatic condition, the plant requires to grow
  • And, amount of oil being extracted.

    The concept of Distilling essential oils should not be mixed with artificial or fragrance oils because, essential oils are pure and natural extraction of plant. It doesn’t contain any artificial flavoring or aroma.

    In aromatherapy essential oils give therapeutic affects which helps in healing and curing various body problems such as aches, flu, cold, nausea and many other problems. Along that, it also refreshes and provides enthusiasm to lead a good life. It also helps in building confidence.

    In addition to its key role in aromatherapy, essential oils also play a vital role in food industry (as a flavoring agent), perfumery industry (in perfumes, deodorants etc), cosmetic (soaps, creams lotions) etc.

    Thus, distilled essential oils provide real and true essence of nature.

    Bryan Josling is working with the Horticultural Research Station in Adelaide. He has also been involved with research on plants. To find Aromatherapy essential oils, Distilling essential oils, organic aromatherapy, essential oil dilution, massage oil blends, pure essential oils, aromatherapy blends visit

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