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Do You Understand What Allergy Asthma Means?


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If you have both allergies and asthma you suffer from allergy asthma but you do you really understand what it means? Both of these have the ability to make you feel miserable. You might be surprised to find out that allergy induced asthma is actually the most common type of asthma in North America.

60% of all those that suffer from allergy asthma. If you are wondering what the link is it really isn’t that complex. Allergies trigger the asthma and the allergies can be caused by a host of tings such as pollen, dust mites, mold, pet dander which trigger an allergic reaction. But instead of runny eyes and nose, or maybe hives the airway becomes inflamed and the swollen airways cause an asthma attack.

The reason that allergies and asthma often merge into allergy asthma is that the lining of the nose and the airways are very similar when they become inflamed all caused by the IgE antibodies which cause all kinds of reactions within the body right from the tight airways to the itchy skin, runny nose, and watery eyes.

In some cases treating the allergy reduces the number of asthma attacks. Allergy shots that desensitize the person are one method of aiding in reducing allergies. You might also consider a more natural approach which would include detoxifying the body and building the immune system.

Preventing an asthma outbreak or allergy outbreak are treated much the same using corticosteroids to reduce inflammation which can help both asthma and allergies. Eve the corticosteroid creams can be used to reduce skin inflammation. And corticosteroids are used in the inhalers which reduce inflammation in the bronchial tubes. So you can see corticosteroids can help with allergy asthma but there are different medications that are more beneficial for each. A different method of treatment is used when a full asthma attack is under way.

A family history of allergies puts you at the highest risk for developing allergy asthma. If you have allergies you have a 75% greater chance of developing asthma or hay fever. Although allergy asthma is by far the most common type it is not the only type.

Asthma triggers can be a variety of things – cold air, tobacco smoke, dogs or cats, exercise, fumes from paint, dust, and even laughing. When a person that suffers from asthma is anxious they are more likely to have an attack. Some may suffer an asthma attack if they take aspirin or other types of pain medication. The list is long. What’s known for certain is that asthma and allergy asthma are growing at an alarming rate.

Allergy asthma is growing at an alarming rate and it’s hitting children at a younger and younger age. No longer are these problems that adults face. It’s time we start to try to reduce the occurrences.

If you suffer from allergy asthma there are many things you can do to reduce the occurrence. Start by taking good care of yourself and using supplements designed to improve your immune system and reduce your allergies. Now that you understand what allergy asthma means.

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