How To Build Chest Muscle


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If you want to know how to build chest muscle, it will be interesting for you to know a little about the muscle anatomy. Chest muscle consists of two pectoral muscles: major and minor (big and small). The minor muscle lays lower, under the major muscle. The major muscle has lower, middle and upper fibers. That is the reason why you cannot build chest muscle using just one exercise. The exercises should be designed to work with all parts of the chest muscles.

There are three basic exercises for the chest muscles.

  • Seated chest press. Take a seated position. The movement is the same as in the standard flat-bench press. Grasp the handles and slowly stretch your arms forward and squeeze the chest muscles. Don’t let your elbows to lock on the high extension, but start flexing your arms toward your chest. When your hands reach the level of your body start another repetition.

  • Cable crossovers. The initial position: clasp the handles on the upper-cable station. One foot is stepped forward for the balance; elbows are locked in a bent position. Exercise: bring the handles down, around your waistline at a small angle in front of you, bend forward and extend your chest, squeeze tight on the contraction. Now let the weight to bring your arm at the beginning position and naturally stretch the muscles.

  • Incline flies. To perform this exercise you have to adjust the incline to the angle you desire, generally it is 45 degrees. Hold the dumbbells to your side, so that your elbows are bent at the 90 degrees. Arc the weight and straighten your elbows out to bring the dumbbells together. Dumbbells should be about 5-6 inches close to each other. Squeeze your pectoral muscles together while doing this exercise. Decline slowly till your elbows reach the 90 degrees again.

    Exercises should be performed in three sets with 10-12 repetitions.

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