One Type of Bronchitis - Acute Bronchitis


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This type of bronchitis, the acute form usually starts about five days after you have had an respiratory infection. If you have had a flu or cold, about five days after, you will experience bronchitis symptoms. The most common symptoms for acute bronchitis are cough, fever tiredness.

Cough is the most common of all the bronchitis symptoms. It can be dry the first time, because it doesn’ t produce any mucus. After a couple of days, it might bring some mucus from the lungs. The color of the mucus as a result of acute bronchitis can be green, clear or yellow. Fever is another symptom for bronchitis, but in the case of acute bronchitis, it is a mild fever. If the temperature is high, that might indicate pneumonia. When suffering from acute bronchitis you will also feel a general tiredness. You will also feel pain in your chest when suffering from bronchitis, which can agravate especially when you cough.

Shortness of breath is also another symptom that you might have when you have acute bronchitis.

To fully understand all the acute bronchitis symptoms, you must understand what causes the disease. When you develop acute bronchitis, the tubes that are used to carry air to your lungs get inflamated. Acute bronchitis is usually caused by a virus and also bronchitis is the result of a respiratory infection that you probably had. This infection has a very well determined path. It moves from your nose, mouth to the bronchial tubes, causing bronchitis. Your improvement in health from bronchitis depends on a few factors, like age, if you are a smoker or not of whether the acute bronchitis was caused by a virus or bacteria. If bronchitis has been caused by a virus, you will get better sooner than if the acute bronchitis had been caused by bacteria.

As many of the lung related diseases, acute bronchitis can also have complications if not treated. For example, if a case of acute bronchitis indicates ingcreased fatigue, a very high temperature, serious chest pain, it usually indicates that acute bronchitis has developed into pneumonia. Another problem would be repeated episodes of acute bronchitis caused by bacteria. This condition may lead to permanent damage of the bronchial tubes. This case of acute bronchitis gone wrong usually happens to people that smoke of those who have a weak immune system. So be careful how you treat your bronchitis case!

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