Massage Tables for the Amateur to the Professional


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Massage tables are what are used for body massages, whether the massaging is happening in an office, spa, or home, and whether it is being performed by a professional, a student masseuse, or by you in your home for personal family use. Massage tables are specifically designed for massaging, and are generally more conducive to great massages than a bed, floor, or couch.

Massage tables are designed with both the recipient and the masseuse in mind. Tables designed for the professional, for example, may have specialized features, like an attached padded seat for the masseuse who performs seated massages. There are permanently set tables and portable ones that fold up for easy transportation. There are ones with special feet covers for outdoor use, with aluminum coatings on the frame, with adjustable legs, headrests, towel holders—really, anything that a professional massage therapist could need to perform efficiently and effectively. There are massage tables specifically designed for salon usage like facials, waxing, and other cosmetics.

There are also massage tables for those students of massage therapy. Characterized by ease of portability, these tables are designed with the learning of massage therapy in mind. A massage table for student massage therapists is usually lightweight, with standard features and carrying cases so the student can easily go from the classroom to the home. Often, these beginner tables offer limited features, so the budding masseuse can determine as he or she learns what features will be necessary for the performance of great massages.

What, though, about those people who like to give massages to their spouse, or who want to have a massage table available for a masseuse to come in to their home without having to bring in their own table? Home use tables are similar in design to student tables, as the in home usage does not require, for the most part, a professional grade table. Usually characterized by a slightly lighter weight and less table space, these at home versions are widely available for a variety of price ranges and uses. Generally speaking, though, these are still sturdy massage tables.

Massage tables built to last through heavy usage and extended periods of time often come with a lifetime warranty. These professional massage tables are constructed of durable materials and are crafted with the comfort of both the massage therapist and the receiver of the massage. Priced anywhere from several hundred dollars to the thousands, there are a plethora of features and specialty items available to customize the massage experience for clients. Student tables are often smaller versions of these professional tables, and they allow the student to determine which features will be needed when it comes time to invest in a professional massage table. Finally, home use tables are convenient alternatives to the couch or bed for those times when a spouse needs a rubdown. Moderately priced from under two hundred dollars and up, home tables are still constructed for the ease of massaging. Depending on the intended usage, there is a massage table available for all needs. brings you the latest on massage. Massages are gaining in popularity, and we want to bring you up to date information! Be sure to check out our latest information page on massage table.


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