The Secret Formula For Fat Loss That No One Seems To Be Telling Women

Heather Picken

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There are so many diet programs, books, and sites that will list so many different diets. For example: The South Beach Diet, Atkins Diet, Juice Fasting and you even see celebrity's pitching their diets. Now some of these might have some good aspects to them in the way they give you good food choices but there's so much more to it then that.

Any diet can make you lose weight but how many can promise you and show you how to keep it off?

We live in a world where the weight loss industry over promises but under delivers. 90-95% of women who go on diets fail. Don't feel bad that you can't just seem to stick to a program the real reason you're not able to get the results you want and to keep them is that what you have been given is the wrong technology.

So what is the right technology for women to achieve the body and health they desire? Well in my 10 years of researching and helping women achieve exactly that and maintain it, I have realized that there is a formula for ultimate fat loss success that no one seems to be talking about or knows how to do correctly to produce long-lasting results and without this piece of information you will be on the continuing quest for the next best diet out there as every week another one seems to come our way.

The secret is the right information, in the right order, and the application of it is crucial in getting and maintaining your fat-loss goals. Don't make the mistake of buying a program or system that doesn't include this. The number one ingredient in this fat-loss success formula is to understand how your mind works in the fat-loss process. Did you know you are either programmed to lose fat or gain fat and if you know the exact formula for fat-loss success then you can undo years of failed attempts of dieting and gaining it back and never being satisfied in the way you look.

Think about it everything we do in life is a mental process and our habits and beliefs are shaped 97-98% through our subconscious minds and only 2-4% are through are conscious minds. The secret is working in changing your subconscious mind in order to get the unwanted fat off. Part of the formula goes far beyond just positive thinking and goals setting. You need to believe that you can achieve it and you also need to create more positive chemicals in your brain. Each time you think a negative thought you elicit negative chemical and the same goes for positive thoughts. The average person thinks anywhere from 40,000-50,000 a day so if you're thinking negative thoughts all day about how you don't like your body then that is exactly what you will attract. You can actually re-train your mind to be on ‘auto-pilot’ so that the majority of your thoughts are positive and when you master that your actions will match as this is only a small part in training your subconscious mind to get the body you desire and keep it that way.

Imagine never going back to your old habits and old ways!

Once I implemented this in a system the results were incredible, taking women from hating exercise to loving it.

You don't have to suffer anymore “if you get your mind right the body will follow", that was said by an unknown Olympic coach that realized that if you want to perform your best you need to work on your mental muscles.

Heather Picken, ISSA/P. C. P. T is a Women's Over 30 Metabolic Specialist & Motivational Coach. She helps women over 30 all over the world achieve the body and health they desire and is the creator of a breakthrough system that is revolutionizing the way women can achieve the body they want, easily ( ). She is also the author of Fat-Burning Recipes For Women On the Go. Get your FREE Copy of Blast Cellulite Now by going to and you can subscribe to her weekly podcast show Feeling Like A Million, where she shares her top fat-burning secrets, exclusively for women 30+.


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Top Secret Fat Loss Secret That Doctors and Drug Companies Dont Want You to Know
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