UTI(Urinary Tract Infection) and Natural Remedies With Colloidal Silver


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The root cause behind development of urinary tract infection is considered to be invasion of urinary tract by the bacteria. Bacteria can invade to the urinary tract either from kidney bloodstream or from urethra.

Women are on higher risk of developing urinary tract infections owing to their anatomy. The urethra in women body is situated close to rectum and vagina. This facilitates easy access of bacteria from rectal region and vaginal regional to the urethra. Approximately 50% of the women population suffers from urinary tract infection at least once in their life period. Though urinary tract infections are not serious in nature they could produce discomfort and pain.

Invasion of bacteria into urinary tract and subsequent infection of bladder and other segments (caused by the bacteria) of the urinary tract is the main cause behind occurrence of urinary tract infection. Sex activity may increase the risk of UTI considering that bacteria present in the urethra can be pushed towards urethra by motion of penis. Polygamous *** habits can increase the risk of getting UTI. However, some women (even with monogamous *** habits) get infected with urinary tract infection after every *** activity. Other health conditions like menopause, pregnancy, diabetes and holding urine in bladder for prolonged times may also contribute towards occurrence of urinary tract infections.

Uncontrollable urge to urinate, burning sensation or pain in urethra while releasing urine, release of very small quantity of urine (despite strong urge to urinate), appearance of blood with urine, soreness of lower abdomen, sides or back are some of the common symptoms of urinary tract infection. Symptoms like back pain, fever, nausea, chills and vomiting may be experienced if the bacteria invades to kidneys.

Generally, antibiotics are prescribed for treatments of urinary tract infections. Some alternative therapies like homeopathy and herbal medications may provide desired relief from urinary tract infection. As bacteria are main cause behind occurrence of urinary tract infection, liquid supplements containing substances known for bacteria killing features, such as colloidal silver, may help in prevention and relief from UTI. Colloidal silver is a natural solution containing pure silver particles and water. Being prepared through non-chemical process and not containing harmful chemicals makes colloidal silver free from side effects. Colloidal silver has the properties of enhancing immune system and regulating hormonal balances. Colloidal silver can be used as a complementary therapy for fastening the results of treatment and preventing recurrence of urinary tract infections.

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