An Introduction to the Elliptical Bike


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An elliptical bike is a specialized type of stationary exercise equipment commonly found in health clubs, spas and gymnasiums. It provides for a smooth and quiet total body workout with both leg and arm action.

Elliptical bikes

An elliptical bike is great for aerobic type exercise, as well as building up leg and thigh muscles. Elliptical bikes are usually constructed of heavy duty metal with large slip-resistant foot platforms for safety in use. Modern elliptical and exercise bikes are computerized in order to set difficulty and resistance levels at a gradually increasing pace without the need of finding a hill. The elliptical exercise bike provides even more action than a regular bicycle, because you are standing and using all your body parts as you move. An elliptical bike's low impact stride feels entirely natural. Elliptical bikes have been called by different names over the years and used to be only available in higher price spas and health clubs, Skiers have been known to use elliptical trainers and exercise bikes to train during summer and fall seasons when snow is scarce.

Elliptical bike exercise

Generally elliptical bike exercise consists of walking, at a variety of gradually increasing speeds and resistance levels. The on-board computer helps you keep track of distance, resistance, and time. Exercise bikes elliptical motion means you aren't moving through space, it just feels like you are. With an elliptical exercise bike your workout doesn't have to take a lot of space or a lot of time. For a quick workout while watching television or listening to music, you can choose an elliptical and exercise bike right in your living or family room

Exercise bikes elliptical motion provides a strenuous total body workout. It moves the arms and legs which raises the heart rate and respiration. A bike elliptical exercise program should be started with the approval of your doctor, particularly if you are unused to exercise or if you have other health issues which are inherent.

Any exercise program is only as good as the determination which fuels it. Because bike elliptical exercise can be done not only in a gym or health spa, but is affordable enough to own the training unit in your own home, most anyone can exercise at home when only a few minutes of time are available.

Elliptical exercise equipment vs. recumbent bikes

A recumbent exercise bikes vs. elliptical argument can't be won by either party, it's mostly a matter of personal preference. Whether you develop a bike elliptical exercise program standing or lying down you are still exercising and it's still good for your health. People on the “recumbent" side of the recumbent exercise bikes vs. elliptical discussion state that more energy is required to lift the weight of the legs, while people who say that elliptical exercise equipment vs. recumbent bikes winning entrant is clearly elliptical trainers and exercise bikes due to the added arm motion and resistance levels probably must agree to disagree.

You may find that using an elliptical bike is just the answer for a person with a busy life style who wants to stay fit.

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