The Elements of Trampoline Safety - 5 Tips To Make Sure Everything STAYS Safe


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We all love getting out on the trampoline and bouncing around. Not only is it a fun activity, but it makes for great exercise, perfect for losing that access weight you may be carrying around, like many people around the world. However, while we want to keep the trampoline fun, we also need to ensure that each and every user is safe.

In this article, we will discuss some important aspects of trampoline safety and show you just how to ensure everyone has a fun and safe time on the bouncing delight.

Use the following steps to ensure a safe time on the trampoline:

  • Total package – make sure you have all parts and you do not exclude any necessary parts when putting the trampoline together.
  • Safe surroundings – make sure you put the trampoline in an area that is free from buildings and items hanging in the air, this will help in avoiding serious injuries.
  • Level is Best – ensure that you place the trampoline on a level surface. You can use a level or other device to make sure that the ground is level.
  • Establish Rules – Here are things you should NOT allow:
    • More than one person on the trampoline at a time
    • Children younger than six years of age on or near the trampoline at any time
    • Somersaults and Tricks, unless experienced
    • Loose things such as combs, money, keys, or toys

    • You SHOULD ensure the following:

    • Slippers or bare feet while on the trampoline
    • Comfortable and fitting clothing
    • Supervision of every person on the trampoline

  • Proper Maintenance – You want to ensure that you keep the trampoline in safe working order at all times. Before each use, check the mat for signs of damage as well as wear and tear. You also want to check the trampoline springs for damage or signs of over stretching. Keep the hooks of the springs oiled well to reduce any type of wear to them. If any of these items show signs of damage replace immediately before allowing further activity on the trampoline.
  • The author strongly suggests you check your trampoline over for damage. If you find that your trampoline is not safe for use then head over to for assistance getting the best deal on Trampoline Springs


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