Guys! A First Person Account On The Ill-effects Of Nicotine & How The Final Quit Smoking Happened?


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It’s Me!

Friends! Here I am in front of you, a person who was addicted to smoking for more than 20 years of his life, to unravel his experience on cigarette addiction and also the way through which he successfully kicked off the habit of cigarette addiction. I have decided to speak out my mind before you just to make sure that you don’t repeat my mistake by picking up the habit of cigarette smoking and coming under the tremendous influence of nicotine in the process.

It Was Peer Influence That Led Me To Destruction

During my college days, I had befriended a group of five guys. They were hell bent on smoking and soon after falling in their company, I picked up the habit. After I had the first puff, I had a tingling sensation in my body. It completely overpowered me and I started to crave for cigarettes frequently. As slowly and gradually the intake of cigarettes increased, a definite period arrived in my life when it became impossible for me to survive without cigarettes.

The Heavy Toll On My Life Due To Cigarette Smoking

As I became a chain smoker, I started to suffer from sore throat, eyesight problems and occasionally from respiratory problems. I looked far over my age and the usual cheerfulness vanished from my face. My father, a practiced physician soon noticed the newly appeared wrinkles on my face, the staining of my fingers and sensed that something was wrong with me. He undertook my physical examination and raised the first question: “So Matthew, you have become a smoker. Isn’t it?" I didn’t have anything to say in return and so stood in front of him with my head down. In contrary to my fears, he dealt with me in a friendly way. He elaborated on the ill-effects of smoking and when the disastrous effects of cigarette smoking was unfolded in front of me, I decided: “It is too much. Somehow I must get rid of nicotine addiction. "

The Rigorous Quit smoking Sojourn& The Final Redemption

Acting in accordance with my father’s advice, I ended my visits to cigarette shops but that also didn’t yield results. My friends smoked and in their company it was impossible for me to abstain from smoking. Then I decided not to step out of home but the cravings for nicotine still remained. I found myself helpless before the overwhelming power of nicotine.

My father was scrutinizing my progress and on a fine day, he prescribed the anti-smoking pill Chantix and himself carried a few tablets to me. Under his instructions I took Chantix hoping that my sufferings would soon be over. No effective result was visible during the first few days and instead sleep disorder and headache were the side-effects I had to encounter in my Chantix regimen. But after two weeks, I sensed a reduction in my cravings for nicotine and with the passing of time it disappeared as if I had never been addicted to nicotine in my life. From then on, now its two months and I have not touched a single cigarette.

Lastly, A Request

Every cigarette packet states that ‘CIGARETTE SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH’. Don’t become an uneducated even after getting proper education; what has been written by the cigarette manufactures themselves would certainly hold true. Read it before touching another pack.

The writer was a chain smoker earlier and after he had quit smoking he started to write on issues related to smoking, nicotine addiction and other associated topics. For more information and advice on these matters, visit the website


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Quit Smoking Cigarettes - It is Hard but Not Because of Nicotine Part 2
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