Just Diagnosed With Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes?

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Just over eight years ago, my daughter, Alissa was diagnosed with juvenile (or Type 1) diabetes.

In the weeks before Alissa was diagnosed she'd lost about half a stone. She'd also been feeling tired, hungry, had been very thirsty and was urinating more than usual. It wasn't until she started feeling permanently sleepy that we took her to the doctor, who very quickly made a diagnosis and had her admitted to hospital.

It was a strange time, we knew nothing about diabetes, what could be done about it or what it would mean for our lives.

Here's three things that really helped us to cope and learn to live with it, which you may find helpful too:-

Learning about diabetes - yes, why not actually read all those leaflets that they gave you at the hospital?

Making it a family thing - every change you make, make as a family. Whether it's changing your diet, your exercise regime, your meal times - do it together.

Rising to the challenge - seems strange, but you can actually enjoy the challenge of coping with new recipes, foods, routines and learning the medical jargon.

Though there'll probably be days where it'll all seems just too much to cope with, believe it or not, you will get used to the routine of injections, testing sugar levels and regular hospital visits.

Learning that your child has diabetes isn’t easy, so accept support from family and friends at this time to help you through.

What of my own daughter Alissa? She's doing just great and you can read her diabetes blog at http://juvenile-diabetes. blogspot.com/

Remember, take each day as it comes and you'll be surprised how quickly you learn to cope with having a diabetic in the family.

Jen Carter runs the Diabetia site which offers information on type 1 diabetes , her diabetic daughter also writes for the Diabetia website.


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