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Total Body Workout – The Never Fail System a Workout For All Part 1


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Going to the gym has become part of the lives of a lot of men and women, but many people feel they cant get going or don't have the time.

Getting the right routine is never easy, but with a total body workout, and the Never fail system, you cannot help but succeed.

You need some dedication, some free time, the “smart diet” (in part 2 of this article) and will…that’s it.

The Never fail System.

The Never fail system works in the following way. It conditions your body and mind to the goal of getting in shape.

In fact, the basic principles of the Never fail system can be applied to any area of your life you wish to improve. Here are the basic principles

1. Right Resolve.

You must decide and believe in your decision to make a positive change

2. Time Management.

You must put aside regular time segments, on the days required, and do no deviate from them.

3. Envision the Result.

See yourself in your expected success mode. Do not envision yourself with your current state, but actually visualize yourself the way you wish yourself to be.

4. Treat Setbacks as Stepping Stones and NOT Obstacles.

If you are building a house and break a few nails, it doesn’t mean to stop building! There will be setbacks, lots of them. Look at them as stepping stones to your goal only. Something like tests you must pass.

The Total Body Workout – Preparation

You must set aside 3 days per week, and no more. You must follow the smart diet. You must begin slowly and keep at it, without deviation.

Find a gym that is not too crowded, or too social. It must have a good selection of the modern gym machinery and some relaxing areas, like a sauna, swimming pool, and so on.

Get some basic record keeping forms, or make them yourself to write down your routines, the weight increases, and your progress. Get yourself some comfortable workout clothes, and shoes and you are READY.

The Total Body Workout – Basic Routine (90 days)

You will start with the legs, move to waist and stomach, then back and arms, and that is it.

Do three sets of 8 repetitions, the first a warm-up set, with a low weight, the second with a weight in between your warm-up weight and your workout goal weight (for that exercise), and the third set your goal weight.

Try to increase your goal weight ever so slightly from week to week. The workout session will last no more than 45 minutes.

Ask any gym instructor to show you the correct form of the exercises below (done with various types of gym equipment) Legs Exercise 1 – The leg press

Exercise 2 – Leg extension

Exercise 3 – Leg curl

Exercise 4 – Standing calf raise


Exercise 5 – Crunch

Exercise 6 – Back extension

Upper Body

Exercise 7 – Underhand-grip laterals pull down

Exercise 8 – Machine chest press

Exercise 9 – Machine row

Exercise 10 – Lateral raise

Exercise 11 – Seated dumbbell concentration curl (each arm)

Exercise 12 – Triceps pushdown

While you are still sweating, eat a banana and drink some water. Don’t eat again for 3 hours. Drink all the water you wish.

This routine will last 90 days, and a follow up routine utilizing the same principle of total body workout, section by section with more difficult exercises can be used. At the end of 90 days, you are a new you, you will see, and proficient at the gym.

Its simple, effective and anyone can do it and you can read more about it in parts 2 and 3 of this article.


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