Twice Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Claimed Found Artery Clogging Cure


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Linus Pauling is the only scientist to win the Nobel Prize twice by himself for his studies. He claimed he found a way to clean semi-clogged arteries and veins of the cholesterol and fat build up without surgery. Notice: see your doctor before doing this program. He said he did some studies and found that arteries and veins can be cleared with massive doses of vitamin C and L-Lysine, an over the counter available amino acid.

The vitamin C recommended is Acorbic Acid, other forms of C such as Mineral Ascorbate or Sodium Ascorbate are not what was claimed to have been used in Pauling's studies. Linus claimed that artery clogging is actually a form of scurvy which is a disease from a lack of vitamin C.

When the body does not have enough vitamin C it cannot make the artery walls and veins properly or repair them correctly. This causes them to crack under the pressure of the blood flow, like cracked water pipes. Then the body reacts to the cracking by patching it from the inside with a mixture of cholesterol, fat and other substances to cover the cracks. The buildup continues and then a blood clot may form causing a heart attack or stroke by blocking the passage. Linus Pauling claimed that high doses of the Vitamin C and the L-Lysine not only stop the patching and heals the cracks but then the body reverses the process thus strips the patch away, clearing the passage.

There are people who deny all of this and even state Linus Pauling never did or said any of this. Some say he did these things but have problems with his advanced age during the studies and others have other problems with the theory for other reasons. On the reverse, some say this information is not widely known and is somewhat suppressed as well as Linus Pauling's work because big money is involved.

Going into the details of these studies is beyond the scope of this article. I am no medical doctor and have no medical training. This information is a starting point for you to seek further if this may interest you and again, see your doctor. Pulling a search on the web for Linus Pauling will find a lot of information on him.

There are two side effects that are claimed with mega doses of vitamin C and this treatment that you should know about. The first is kidney stones forming. Again some say this is true with vitamin C others say it is not. These are very painful if true. There was a recent study that was done with real lemon juice-lemon aid. Patients took the lemon aid and it was found that it worked in dissolving the stones but was not as effective as the normal prescription drug (Potassium Citrate) given. Both contain Citrate which helps dissolve stones. Potassium Magnesium (Citrate) has been claimed to also dissolve them, which is an over the counter supplement. The other side effect is you will need to keep taking the vitamin C but can lower the amounts after you feel better. If you do the lemon aid treatment to prevent these stones from forming there are lemon drinks that claim they are made with real lemons but if you look close on the label they contain little or no juice. Drinking more water also has been said to reduce them passing the particles out before they get big.

Also found and highly recommended by Linus’ assistant is Proline, also an over the counter supplement. It has been stated he found the Proline to be more effective than L-Lysine in attracting and pulling the strands that make up the ‘patching compound’ the body creates.

When taking the vitamin C if there is Diarrhea then cut back on the dose until it goes away. Another thing to speed up the process is to cut out hydrogenated or hydrolyzed oils and refined white sugar or Aspartame. Use honey, natural sugar, Stevia (a herb) or some other sweetener if possible. If you love bread and baked goods. A bread machine and a local bakery to cut out the manufactured/ processed oils mentioned above using regular oils such as olive, corn, peanut, or vegetable if possible. Replace butter or margarine with Smart Balance or similar. Replace regular hydrogenated/hydrolyzed oil peanut butter with a natural peanut oil version. A health food store is the best for chips, deserts, crunchy snacks, soda and already made meals.

Recommended dosages: Must for this treatment: 6000mg-18,000mg of Vitamin C ( Ascorbic Acid), 3000-6000mg Lysine (L-Lysine), not a must but highly recommended: 500mg-200mg Proline, 150mg-300mg CoQ10, also recommended (dose recommended on bottle): Omega 3 Fish oil, Vitamin E (d not dl(synthetic)), Potassium, Folic acid, and a good multi-vitamin.

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