Injury to the Brain Helps in Getting Rid of Smoking Addiction - Seems Fallacious


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In a recent experiment, scientists have discovered that the guys who suffered stroke damage to a prune- sized spot inside the brain successfully got rid of nicotine cravings and as this research result became evident, perplexity and astonishment took hold of the minds of people throughout the world. And further to this anti-smoking outcome, now the scientists are trying to look for a medicine which can induce the same changes developed by the brain injury. The result of the experiment as well as the hope of the scientists to devise medicines that could substitute the effects of brain injury and lead to smoking cessation cannot be expected to yield promising result for the smoking fraternity across the world at present.

The news relating to smoking cessation through injury has indeed made waves around the world but it cannot in any way help smokers to quit smoking as it is unthinkable to show signs of foolhardiness by deliberately inflicting injury on oneself. Secondly, if scientists across the world start to work on the drugs they are planning to launch, it would take years for the medicines to come into view.

So then what is the way out of nicotine addiction at present? Are there no specific medicines available in the pharmaceutical market that operate effectively after administration and enable the user to quit smoking? Why not? The FDA approved anti-smoking medicines are the most popular form of drugs available for smokers throughout the world. One such medicine is Chantix . You can easily administer it to your system and pave your way out of the shackles of cigarette addiction.

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Acquired Brain Injury
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