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Know Thyself: The Pitta Body Type Needs Extra Cooling Down: Learn About Yourself with Ayurveda


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PITTA is composed of fire and water; fire, the main element, is contained within the protective waters of the body (such as digestive enzymes). It governs your metabolism—body processes involving heat, digestion, and hormones, and biochemical reactions such as those required to produce energy. Hyperacidity, hot flashes, inflammation in joints, all point to too much pitta. When pitta predominates, a person tends to be fiery: intense, with a sharp and creative mind, a penetrating look in their eyes, a reddish or easily flushed complexion, a competitive streak, and a hot temper. Their illnesses are related to inflammation, such as heartburn, ulcers, skin rashes, anger, and irritation.

Your pitta is aggravated if you. . .

  • Have inflamed, irritated skin rashes or hives
  • Have whiteheads
  • Have stomach problems such as acid stomach, heartburn, or ulcer
  • Wake up frequently and can't go back to sleep, have disturbing dreams, or night sweats
  • Have bad breath
  • Are very sensitive to heat and get hot flashes
  • Get bloodshot eyes easily
  • Have a sour body odor
  • Feel weakness due to low blood sugar
  • Experience food allergies
  • Get angry, irritable, hostile
  • Feel impatient and get frustrated easily
  • Are critical of yourself and others
  • Argue with others
  • Are aggressive, bossy, and controlling
    I blow my nose and litttle specks of blood are present. Too much pitta. I have moles, skin irritations, too much pitta. I get so hungry I feel like I am going to faint or go beserk if I do not eat. Again, too much Pitta. Whats’ too much pitta? Simply put, over production of gastric juices. What gastric juices , you ask? Hydro cholric acid(HCL), mucus and pepsinogen. The Pitta diet and other pitta pacifying practices will remedy these symptoms. Hi I am a practicing Chiropractor for the last 25 years. Ayurveda came into my life in 1984. I have study with the best in the nation and the best in India. It is a practice that takes a lifetime to become a master. I love teaching it and practicing it. The results in everyday practice are phenomenal. It takes seven years to get a degree in Ayurveda in India. It is a serious healthcare science that as a doctor of Chiropractic I was prepared to take it on as my specialty. It gives me so much as a human being and supports me as a professional and serves my community with such grace.

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