Healthy Fast Food Eating - Is it Really Possible?


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Although fast food restaurants do not offer us the healthiest of options many people find that they have to eat fast food from time to time. It's a choice between skipping a meal and eating. So how can you make the most of a fast food meal without piling on the calories and fat? Below we will look at ways to enjoy healthy fast food eating without completely wrecking your diet plan. The good news is that many fast food restaurants are now producing healthier menu options which you can choose from.

In fact many fast food restaurants are now posting nutritional information about their foods on their websites and in their menus. It may be wise to visit some of these sites beforehand to determine which are the best places for you to eat at in an emergency. That will make it easier for you to decide what you can and should order before you go there. If you choose the most healthy selections before you even walk in the door, you will be more able to avoid the less nutritious, high calorie options.

Healthy fast food eating as a choice will require you to pay attention to any changes they make to their menus or any new items that they add. More and more of these restaurants are paying attention to what their customers want. They also undoubtedly listen to the news stories about the evidence of child obesity and the blame that is often placed at their doorstep. They are under a lot of pressure to add healthy options to their menus.

When choosing an item from the menu be aware of the amount of calories that are in salad dressings, cheese and sour cream. Those additions can make a healthy selection high in fat and calories. Ask for a grilled chicken sandwich but get them to hold the mayonnaise. Some restaurants are now offering their customers alternatives like salads with low calorie or fat free dressings. If you don't see those items, ask. They are often available, just not displayed with the unhealthier options.

By following a few general guidelines when eating out you should be able to maintain your nutritious.

1. Order Food to Go. Studies have shown that people tend to eat more when not eating at their own table at home. If the temptation isn't in front of you then you are less likely to overindulge. On top of that, you can order everything without condiments and then add healthier alternatives at home.

2. Stick to the light menu. Many restaurants will indicate healthy choices on their menus. These are the ones that you should be ordering to maintain your nutritional diet. Healthy fast food eating is very dependent on you figuring out the right choices and then sticking to them.

3. Watch the sizes of the portions. If at all possible order a smaller portion. Normally a restaurant size portion is between 2 to 3 times bigger than what we would normally eat. If they don't have smaller portions, ask for a takeout bag and pack half of the meal for another day. I do this regularly every time I go out to eat, even at healthier restaurants. Just because food is healthy is no reason to eat twice as much as you need.

As you can see healthy fast food eating is possible. You just need to pay attention to the healthier options they provide and order them. Then divide those portions into the size meal you would normally eat. This may seem difficult the first time you try it, but the payoff to your health is tremendous!

Eating healthy does not have to mean time-consuming menu preparation or boring meals. To discover delicious alternatives you never knew could be healthy, be sure to check out my Eating Healthy blog at:


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