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How does law of attraction work in relation to weight loss?

In the simplest terms, Law of Attraction states that like attracts like and whatever thoughts and feelings you focus on the the most will literally determine your future. But how can law of attraction weight loss work?

You will find that the law of attraction has been working for you and every other person in this world since the beginning of time and it is only recently that education about its incredible power has become readily available to the general public.

So how can the Law of Attraction can help someone to lose weight? It is quite simple really, all they need to do is think about it. In fact without even knowing about it, most people really do not think about what they want but they think more about the fact that they do not have it. So by going back to the definition of Law of Attraction, you will see that the reason why people do not have the things that they want, is simply because all they ever do is think about NOT having them.

Unfortunately this same concept applies to weight loss just as it applies to everything else, and although a lot of people want to lose weight, they would rather think about how miserable they are because they have not lost the weight, rather than the wonderful life they will have once they're thinner.

Again let us refer back to the Law of Attraction. If you think you are miserable, sad, guilty or have low self esteem then the Law of Attraction will bring you more things to be miserable about rather than good things. In fact the more miserable you are about something, for example, weight loss, then the more powerfully you will attract more of the same since that is where you are focusing your thoughts.

Utilizing the power of the Law of Attraction for weight loss, you simply stop thinking about your situation in the negative manner and start having positive thoughts instead. As you can imagine, this is more difficult than it sounds, just ask anyone who's tried it. To be truly successful as many others are, you need the help of proper tools that allow you to automate the law of attraction as much as possible. There is no doubt the law works, it's simply a matter of taking advantage of the available tools to make it easier.

Hanif Khaki is the developer of Mind-Optimizer. For more information and undeniable proof of how thousands are magnetically attracting a thinner, healthier body by automating the law of attraction weight loss visit

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