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How Can I Know if I have Fibromyalgia?


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Fibromyalgia syndrome gives a lot of neuromuscular symptoms. Muscle pain is present is all the cases but it differs in intensity and localization. Some might feel this pain as a burning or as a radiating, others gnawing, sore, stiff, and aching. Also the activity a person performs, the stress level, the weather condition and sleep patterns might modify the intensity of the pain.

Some patients complain about the fact that they are tired even after sleeping for the whole night. Others say that they wake up during the night more frequent than they did before the disease had installed. Doctors say that an interruption during the deep sleep can cause the tiredness patients complain of.

General symptoms of fibromyalgia are: muscle pain that lasts more than three months, tenderness in the 18 points, sleeping problems, fatigue, headaches, abdominal pain associated with diarrhea or constipation and bloating. Also, paresthesia or tingling in hands, arms, feet, legs or face can be present.

Fibromyalgia can often be mistaken with flu because muscle pains, tenderness fatigue are present in flu too. Fatigue can give problems in concentrating and patients complain that they can not perform simple mental tasks any more. Some of the patients can feel depressed and develop mood changes, other patients complain about anxiety along with sensitivity to light and temperature.

These symptoms can last a few days or months and even years and the symptoms can sometimes get worse or sometimes disappear for a while. Doctors do not know exactly what causes fibromyalgia but they suspect special events like the flu or a trauma to be the trigger of this disease. Also, a diminished blood flow to certain parts of the brain can lead to fibromyalgia too. Other affections like: immune or endocrine system dysfunctions, upper spinal cord injuries, and autonomic nervous system dysfunction are possible causes of the disease.

This disease gives symptoms which resemble to those in chronic fatigue syndrome, myofascial pain syndrome, and temporomandibular joint syndrome.

Treating fibromyalgia syndrome can be made at home too by performing exercises. The pain, sleep problems and depression can be controlled very well with medication.

It seems that some people are more exposed than others to this affection. Those who are young, are female, have a family history of the disease and complain of having sleeping problems can develop this affection at any moment.

Having fibromyalgia syndrome does not mean you can not perform your usual activities, you just have to adjust them fit you and your needs. Many people suffer of this affection but they still go to work and live a normal live.

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