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Everybody has had, just once in his life, a sore throat. Most of us know what this means and what causes it. For the once who do not, we have here an explanation.

To have a sore throat means to have an infection in your throat. More precisely, in the back part of the throat, which includes the end of the tongue, the mouth’ s roof and the tonsils. This happens mostly because of a virus or an infection with a certain bacteria.

This type of ilness is one of the most common thing that a person has. I do not believe that there is not a person that has not had a sore throat just once in his live. To be more precise, soar throat is in the top ten complains that people have when seeking treatment.

In almost 90 percent of the cases, we have a sore throat because of a virus. The most common virus that can give you this nasty pain in your throat is caused by the flu, the change of temperature, exposure to cold, or just by drinking some beverage that is extremely cold.

The flu is most encountered in the regions where there are four season, and people get sick usually during winter and spring. This is due to the cold weather and bad living conditions. The flu is not something to worry very much about. It passes in a week’ s time when treated. It is contagious.

But like any other problem that a person can have, this too can rise some problems if not treated accordingly. One can have kidney disorders just if they did not treat their soar throat. Even worse they could face the danger of problems with the heart valves. This is a illness that can even cause death. Another problem could be abscesses in the throat area. These are large bags of pus.

It is very easy to detect if you have a sore throat. If you have problems like: read area in your throat, or pain when you swallow, cough, and for children, dihareea, you definitely have a sore throat. More other symptoms may include redness all around one’ s mouth.

A sore throat lasts only a few days if treated accordingly. But there are cases when this doe not happen. That is another problem and it is caused mostly by the acid reflex of one’ s stomach, or because a person is used to breathing only through the mouth and the environment is very dry. There could also be because of a tumor, but this is a very rare thing.

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