CoQ10 And Lipitor: Are You At Risk? Startling Information You Must Know

Athlyn Green

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Coq10 and lipitor share an important link. If you are taking this statin drug, did you know that you could become depleted in CoQ10? Why is this important? Are you at risk?

In discussing coq10 lipitor, it is known, causes a depletion of this important coenzyme, one that enables the heart muscle to pump blood more efficiently.

Any condition that causes a decrease in CoQ10 could put the heart at risk. If you are taking lipitor coq10 levels will drop.

One study has established that even short-term use of a statin drug containing atorvastatin causes a decrease in blood CoQ10 concentration. It can be seen that coq10 and lipitor share a potentially dangerous connection.

All statins, in fact, block the synthesis of CoQ10 in the body, which may lead to decreased levels. Supplementing is a prudent choice when undergoing statin therapy.

In considering coq10 lipitor and its value as a heart-protective agent have come into question. This drug definitely lowers LDL cholesterol, but at what cost? Concerns have been raised about taking a medication to protect heart health that, in actuality, may contribute to heart failure!

If your doctor has prescribed lipitor coq10 supplementation should also be discussed as part of your treatment plan.

If you are at risk for cardiovascular disease or stroke, you should be aware of a 2004 study regarding coq10 and lipitor. The study established that atorvastatin decreased the coQ10 level in the blood of patients with these particular risk factors.

Your practitioner may be able to provide insights regarding depletion of coq10 lipitor use, and how to manage high cholesterol levels.

It may be helpful to have your doctor go over the facts about coq10 and lipitor with you, outlining the benefits and risks of your proposed treatment, so that you are better informed.

Some people, after evaluating relevant information about coq10 lipitor , and cardiovascular risk, have decided to explore alternative strategies to lower cholesterol while safeguarding heart health.

Green tea extract offers a host of benefits. It reduces triglycerides as well as harmful LDL cholesterol and it increases beneficial HDL. The antioxidants found in green tea can prevent heart disease. Policosanol is an extract from sugar cane that reduces LDL and raises HDL.

Vitamin E is associated with lower rates of ischemic heart disease. Tumeric extract can lower both cholesterol and triglyceride levels. D-limonene is found in orange peel oil. This compound is a natural solvent that dissolves cholesterol gallstones. It also reduces cholesterol.

If you are concerned about coq10 and lipitor use, you can take comfort. Bio-science has come to the rescue with effective substances that combat high cholesterol.

It is important to treat cholesterol imbalances under appropriate medical direction. Your doctor or a naturopathic physician can guide you.

Athlyn Green is an avid health enthusiast with an interest in natural remedies for treatment of health disorders. She has contributed to CoQ10 And Lipitor , a section of dedicated to natural treatments for high cholesterol and heart disease prevention.


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