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Today you will find that there are several over the counter options available for how to remove wart(s) and the most common of them involve a salicylic acid solution that can be bought either at a drugstore or your local supermarket.

There are two types of products around that can be used to remove warts.

1. Adhesive pads which have been treated with salicylic acid.

2. A bottle of concentrated salicylic acid.

When using either of these methods to remove warts there is a strict regime that must be adhered to. Before applying the salicylic acid, the area must be cleaned throughly and any dead skin removed using a pumice stone or emery board. Unfortunately warts do not disappear over night and it can take up to 12 weeks for you to remove a stubborn wart.

Another over the counter product which can be used for removing warts is silver nitrate which comes in the form of a caustic pencil and is available for drugstores. With this method of treatment it generally takes between 3 to 6 daily treatments for it to be effective and the instructions provided with the product must be followed to the letter in order to minimise any staining to your skin or clothing. This is something that needs to be done intelligently

You could try duct tape occulsion therapy which involves you placing a piece of duct tape (or medical tape) over the area that is affected for 1 week at a time and is identical to the procedure when using salicylic acid adhesive pads. Studies carried out have shown that the duct tape method is 85% effective in removing warts.

Some other household rememdies which you may wish to try in order to remove warts include such items as banana skins, vinegar, hot water and washing up liquid, unskinned potatoes which are applied to the affected area. However there are varying accounts as to how long these items must be applied on to the affected area for and how long it will take for them to effectively work. Without any controlled studies being carried out in respect to these types of household remedies , it is very difficult to know whether the wart(s) has disappeared because the remedy has worked or whether they have disappeared because the person's immune system has responded to and attacked the virus causing the problem.

The success you will achieve on how to remove wart(s) depends on actually following the instructions provided with any treatments that you try.

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