The Main Causes of Anxiety


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There are many causes for anxiety.   In order to understand what causes anxiety, it is crucial to understand there are various anxiety disorders with a broad spectrum of causes.   There is no guarantee that one specific indicator will cause anxiety.   However, there are certain factors that have been proven to increase ones anxiety. Causes of anxiety may vary from person to person.  

Often, people who suffer from anxiety do not know why they have anxiety.   People who suffer from anxiety suddenly feel very nervous and agitated.   During these feelings, they lose their concentration and have no real understanding of why they feel the way they do.  

One of the most common causes of anxiety is work, especially in people who work with computers.   In people who have to work with repetitive tasks, it is important to take breaks quite often in order to break up the work pattern.  

Another cause of anxiety is loss of body control.   When in the presence of others, the idea of losing control, along with feeling embarrassed is enough to cause anxiety.   Slowly, the nervousness builds up and will eventually become a full fledge anxiety attack.   It may be very difficult to avoid such thoughts.   One of the easiest ways to avoid this cause of anxiety is to keep busy and occupied. Past trauma can also be a cause of anxiety.   Often, victims of trauma suffer a history of anxiety attacks.   For example, when parents get divorced, it has a lasting impact on a child.   Later on in life, the trauma could be the cause of anxiety and depression.

If you take a close look at people who suffer from anxiety, as well as examining their parents’ behavior patterns, you would notice a close likeness.   Nearly 90 percent of people who suffer from anxiety have a family member who suffers from anxiety, also.

There are various causes of anxiety.   Each person and situation is unique.   Therefore, in order to properly treat anxiety, you must know the root cause of the anxiety.   This will not only help you deal with the anxiety at the present time, but whenever it occurs.  

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