Over 50 and Starting To Sag - Fight Back with Isometric Exercise


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As we age, the body and skin lose some of their natural elasticity and Mother Nature needs more help from us keep us looking our best. As we approach and pass age 50 we can fight a losing battle, with moisturizers and plastic surgery, or we can successfully fight the ravages of time with a natural cure that also helps us feel better: isometric exercise.

Though the elasticity of the skin will continue to fade as we age, we can help offset the consequences by exercising the muscles underneath, keeping them lean and firm.

Lean muscle burns calories very efficiently, helping us to maintain a shape much closer to that we had when we were younger. Reclaiming the lean muscle needed to do that, after years of neglect, can seem like a daunting task - but it doesn't have to be.

The small, repetitive movement in isometric exercises helps to energize our muscles and keep them at optimal performance levels. Isometrics works by using the body's own natural resistance to create a smaller-scale resistance training that helps us to stay fit and firm as we age.

The best news about isometric exercises - other than how well they work - is that they can be done almost anywhere, with little risk to your joints. Take one annoying sign of aging, for example - “baggy" upper arms. One simple way to fix that is with an isometric arm stretch. Simply extending the bicep and triceps, those upper arms muscles, and then releasing the stretch can greatly reduce, and often eliminate, that sagging.

Try this: Extend your arms out completely in either direction for about a ten-count, palms up. Then, rotate your arms as far you can, moving your thumbs from the rear of the arm forward and then down. Hold this position for a ten-count and repeat throughout the course of the day.

This simple stretch will help ease tension in your shoulders and fight that upper arm sag, helping you to look younger immediately.

This type of isometric exercise can help you fight off the effects of a hard day and a few hard years, leaving you looking and feeling younger as your muscles regain some of their youthful firmness. No one has to just give up and give in to an aging body - you can fight it all the way and the fight doesn't have to be strenuous or painful.

A few simple contract and release exercises over the course of the day can lead to a healthier, happier you in no time. With longevity increasing, 50 can be “the new 30" - it's all within your control and your ability. All it takes are a few simple exercises every day to keep your muscles firm and lean. With isometric exercises, you may even be able to turn back the clock.

Owner of IsoBreathing Inc. and creator of IsoBreathing(R) Ellen has been teaching life style and fitness over 20 years and is a certified fitness practitioner and personal trainer. Find out about Isometric Exercise, Weight Loss Exercise or buy her Exercise DVD - visit http://www.isobreathing.com


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