Things To Consider Before Having Breast Surgery


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Breast surgery is a way for women to enhance, restore, or correct the size of their breasts. Whether it is breast enhancement, breast reduction, breast lift, or breast reconstruction, breast surgery can provide women with an improved body contour and a boost in self-confidence.

Breast surgery can be a wonderful option for the right woman, but it may not provide the solution to all appearance problems. Breast surgery can be ideal for the right candidates, a breast surgery candidate should:

  • Have realistic expectations
  • Want an improved appearance, not a perfect appearance
  • Be physically healthy
  • Be mentally prepared for altering the appearance of their body
  • Research the surgery in it’s entirety
  • Know what results they want to see
  • Know what type of breast implant they want
  • Know what type of incision they would prefer
  • Know where the breast implant should be placed.

    One of the best ways to learn about breast surgery is to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced and qualified breast surgeon. The breast surgery chosen to perform the breast surgery should have plenty of experience, they should provide before and after photos of past procedures, and the American Board of Plastic Surgeons should certify them.

    A breast surgeon can be found by asking a primary care physician, friends who have had breast surgery, local hospitals who have breast surgeons on staff, local medical boards that breast surgeons are part of, and breast surgery associations that recommend breast surgeons.

    During the initial breast surgery consultation, the breast surgeon should answer all the patient’s questions. The breast surgeon should also provide their recommendation as to what form of breast surgery will provide the best results for the patient.

    The initial breast surgery consultation will provide an opportunity to discuss with the breast surgeon about the different types of implants, where the best placement would be, and what the best incision will be.

    All of these aspects of the breast surgery can differ depending on the patient, the amount of tissue they have, and the patient’s preference for what type of procedure they would like.

    Breast surgery is a very personal choice, and the breast surgeon chosen should answer all of the patient’s questions as thoroughly as possible. By being informed about the breast surgery, a patient can make the most informed decision possible about whether or not they want to proceed with the breast surgery.

    “Patients who come to the Swan Center for Plastic Surgery receive a thorough consultation and are educated about all aspects of their breast surgery, ” says Dr. Fardo in Atlanta, Georgia. “It is an opportunity for them to have all of their questions answered, and their anxieties put to rest. ”

    Please click here for more information on breast augmentation and other types of breast surgery in the Atlanta Georgia area.

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    Generalized After Surgery Instructions For Plastic Surgery of the Breast
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